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Recap / Bull S 1 E 20 Make Me

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Season 1, Episode 20

Directed by Tricia Brock

Written by Mary Leah Sutton

Make Me

A college student murders his father, but claims to have no memory of the event, nor a motivation. Bull takes on the case, aiming to prove that the "support group" the student had joined is a cult that hypnotized him.

  • Alone with the Psycho: Chunk is trapped in a sensory deprivation tank by the cult leader that's figured out he was undercover, but is released when assured that the leader isn't being incriminated.
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  • Betrayal by Offspring: The cult leader's daughter had planned to use the client to kill her own father.
  • Got Me Doing It: One of Bull's ideas is to show how susceptible people are by having the lawyer repeatedly say "red" during the case, leading to every member of the jury compelled to wear something red. In the after party, the lawyer says he doubted it'd actually work...and then someone points out he's currently wearing red socks.
  • Manchurian Agent: What the cult turned the student into.
  • The Mole: Bull gets Chunk to briefly join the group their client was a part of, to figure out how their client got brainwashed.
  • Murder by Mistake: The cult leader's daughter didn't know that the client had cancelled an appointment with her father when triggering him, leading to the death of the client's own father that he was spending time with instead.
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  • Ungrateful Bastard: The cult's head is absolutely furious about Bull besmirching his organization and pinning blame on his daughter, at least until it's pointed out to him that he was his own daughter's true target.

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