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Recap / A Thing of Vikings Chapter 40 "Home Is People..."

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Book II, Chapter 9

Draconic nests in the wild are universally situated atop geothermal sources, as high levels of heat (minimum 40 C, and optimally 50-55 C) are required in order for the eggs to successfully gestate. This is part of the reason why dragons are so often associated with high mountaintops, as they made use of the volcanic vents buried deep within.

Once dragons began their partnership with humans, however, they were freed from their dependence on these dangerous locales and their associated hazards of toxic gases, extreme heat, cave-ins, and the occasional decimation event of an ill-timed lava flow or eruption. Humans in collaboration with their dragons, beginning with the Hooligan tribe of Berk, built artificial Brooderies in which the environment could be more strictly controlled, ensuring the successful hatching of a greater percentage of the dragon eggs.

As a side benefit of these structures, the waste heat from their vents can be put to use for any number of productive ends, another concept that was pioneered by the Hooligans.

In the modern context, Broodery management is a mature science...

An Introduction To Dragon Biology, 17th Edition, Oxford University Press, 1693

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