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Robotomy may have run for a short time on Cartoon Network but it left a trail of questionable jokes that would certainly make any fan ask, how did that get past the censors?

  • One of the characters' names is "Weenus." It means the extra skin on your elbow, true, but it certainly has a different meaning among most boys in the 3-5th grade. And then you see this on his profile:
    "Weenus rocks the party that rocks the body!"
    • The second episode features a masturbation joke.
    Blastus: *after getting his hand melted off by Mecha-Jodie* Nice, that was my favorite hand!
    Thrasher: And I don't want to know why it's your favorite...
    • So did the third episode, only it was more visual. A cutaway shows Blastus's mom walking in on her son bent over and muttering, "Aw, yeah!" Turns out he was painting a picture of himself and his mom. It didn't stop her from burning the picture, because according to Insanus society, anything with any semblance of emotion is considered as filthy as pornography.
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    • In the third episode, Blastus makes reference to the infamous "not fresh" commercial.
    • From the "Tickle Me Psycho" episode (episode 4): "Dude, then grow a set and talk to her!"
    • Episode 2 had a robot hooker in a bikini with a rough, mannish voice asking Thrasher and Blastus if they want a girlfriend.
      • A subversion: the donating coolant plan on episode two might seem like a robotic equivalent of donating sperm, but given how physically wrecked the two became the more they donated (cf. the teacher describing the side effects of donating coolant: jitters, paranoia, fire blisters, and rectal whistling), it's more on par with donating blood or plasma.
    • In "Mean Green", when Maimy sees Thrasher looking down and talking to his crotch (it's really The Green Spirit of Insanus hidden in his belly compartment, but Maimy doesn't know that) about how he'll take it out later:
      Maimy: Were you talking to your—
      Thrasher: No.
      Maimy: 'Cause it looked like you were talking to your—
      Thrasher: I wasn't talking to myself or any individual part of myself!
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    • The entirety of "The Trials of Robocles" is laced with references to puberty and killing non-robotic monsters horribly, including burning one alive, that were just trying to help them.
      • The beginning of "The Trials of Robocles" had Mr. Dreadnot arrested for trying to run away from teaching the class about puberty by draining his bank account, setting fire to his apartment, changing his name, and heading for the border — all the while wearing a minidress, a thong, and high heels.
    • And from El Presidente:
      Maimy: But you ARE missing something...
      Thrasher (sheepishly): I was born that way, but the doctor said to be patient.
    • The 'Frenemy' episode had the embarrassing videos of Thrasher and Blastus: the one for Thrasher showed him making out with a dummy version of Maimy; Blastus's video showed him getting his butt buffered by his mom.
      • "Frenemy" also had this: in the sequence where Frenemy first appears to them, Frenemy mentions that Thrasher's favorite website is (though the kittens on the website {save for the ones in the live-action photos} look as if they're wearing bras), which Thrasher reacts to rather sheepishly (as if it were an actual porn site).
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    • On the non-sexual side of Getting Crap Past the Radar, the show has a lot of Family-Unfriendly Violence (of course, this being a cartoon, most of the characters come out of it fine a few scenes later) and lesser characters getting killed off in gruesome ways.
    • The show also has characters saying "crap," (someone said, "Oh crap!" near the end of the "Tickle Me Psycho" episode), "tool" to mean someone who is awkward or unlikeable (Thrasher's line, "I look like a tool!" on "El Presidente"), "sucks" (meaning "to be inferior or unfair"; in the "Mutilation Ball" episode, Blastus says, "Yeah. Being a benchwarmer sucks!"), and "screwed" (Thrasher in episode 2 said, "We are so screwed!"). It's minor, yes, but even the cartoons of the 1990s didn't go that far (at least in America; the cartoons in Canada do get away with this, showing that Canadian kids' TV is a lot more liberal than American kids' TV).

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