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Quotes / TRON

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Quotes from the movie:

"...and he ends up playing Space Cowboy in some back room."
Alan Bradley, showing a terrific ability to predict exactly what the movie entailed

Master Control Program

"It's all in the wrist."
Kevin Flynn

"All that is visible must grow beyond itself, and extend into the realm of the invisible."

Quotes about the movie:

Sheldon: Sometimes I don't get Tron?
Arthur: What's not to get?
Sheldon: The movie makes it seem like these computer programs were complete, sentient PEOPLE... with thoughts and feelings and stuff! But Tron was made in 1982! In 1982, programs like Visicalc were 27K! I got JPEGs bigger than that!
Arthur: Ahhhhh... but JPEGs with the courage to fight the MCP?

Dr. Hibbert: Can you tell us what's it like in there?
Homer: Um, it's like, uh... did anyone see the movie Tron?
Hibbert: No.
Lisa: No.
Chief Wiggum: No.
Marge: No.
Bart: No.
Selma: No.
Chief Wiggum: No.
Reverend Lovejoy: No.
Prof. Frink: No.
Chief Wiggum: Yes. I mean, no.