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  • The best is the scene where Flynn is driving his re-created Recognizer:
    Flynn: Pretty good drivin', huh?
    -He accidentally slams the vehicle into the ground-
    Bit: No.
    Flynn: Who asked you?
    • Squealing tire sounds as the Recognizer barely turns a corner and takes out both sides of the corridor.
      • Equally amusing is the fact that the Recognizer, shown in the beginning to be an aircraft, bouncing off the ground like it has a problem with its shocks. Flynn is treating it like a brand-new hotrod when it is anything but.
    • Alarms going off as Flynn cuts through a bridge and drops a tank that was traveling across it.
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    • Entire scene ultimately ending with the Recognizer destroyed, and Flynn flung head over heels into the program building.
    • Just seeing the Bit, which can only answer in the binary "yes" or "no", yet has so much personality of its own in spite of such apparent simplicity, is enough to make this scene hilarious.
  • There's the bit where the Recognizer is first "miraculously" recreated in all its glory, complete with Awesome Music... until a bit at the bottom falls off.
  • When Flynn recovers after his attempt at reflecting a beam in order to create a junction so the Solar Sailer Simulator could switch beams, he's still a little dizzy, which makes for a few funny lines.
    Flynn: Tell the guy with the jackhammer to lay off, will ya?
    Flynn: (to Yori) Are we there yet, mommy?
  • So funny they used it again in the sequel:
    "Now that is a big door."
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  • During the Solar Sailer Simulator scene, Tron beats down several guards, and then turns to face another, who proceeds to jump rather than fight.
  • CLU speaks only in a Machine Monotone, with one exception: He is driving a tank, being pursued by Sark's security programs, and realizes he is about to plow into a wall, at which point he Screams Like a Little Girl.
    • Fridge Brilliance: When CLU loses contact with Flynn, he stops speaking in monotone.
    • Also doubles as a Visual Pun, when CLU effectively "crashes" when his tank hits the wall.
  • When Flynn asks Ram what he used to be, Ram says he used to be an actuarial for an insurance company, musing about how he enjoyed his job helping people plan for the future. The sheer incongruity between the surreal gladiator holding cells and Shor's ernest delivery of what amounts to an insurance sales pitch is darkly funny.
  • When Flynn arrives in the computer world, things happen fast for him: "This isn't happening; it only thinks its happening."
    • Guards approach him and order to move ("Vacate entry port, program."), and when he doesn't move, they prod him with their spears ("I said... MOVE OUT!").
    Flynn: Hey! Look, if it's about those parking tickets, I can explain everything, okay?
  • Flynn casually trolling Alan....
    Flynn: (to Alan) Does she (Lora) still leave her clothes all over the floor?
    Lora: Flynn...
    Alan: No!
    Lora: (exasperated) Alan!
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  • In the Novelization, the reactions of the newly-minted Power Trio when faced with a security guard, which brilliantly sums up the characters of all three.
    Lora came to an instant decision that neither of the men with her would be hurt, nor harm anyone else. Alan kissed his career good-bye and wondered what jail would be like. Flynn congratulated himself for having worn his running shoes.


  • Dan Shor stated that one day, he was walking down Hollywood Blvd. when a man came up to him and said, "Shor."
    Dan Shor: I said, “Yeah?” He said, “I hate your nose.” I said, “…huh?” He said, “I hate your NOSE.” I said, “wh-wh-why?” He says, “I have been painting your nose frame by frame for a YEAR. I hate your nose.” And I just laughed.
  • Shor also relayed the story that his 92-year-old grandmother initiated a "re-rez Ram" campaign along with her elderly friends to reincarnate his character. There's now actually a "re-rez Ram" campaign for Tron 3.
  • Cindy Morgan related that when she found out a good portion of her screentime would be in a skin-tight full-body leotard, she said she immediately hit the gym to lose at least five pounds, and wouldn't come out til she did. She did.


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