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Tear Jerker / TRON

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  • Poor Clu 0.1's de-resolution at the hands of the MCP after he refuses to cooperate.
  • When Sark insists Flynn finish off Crom, Flynn refuses. A moment later Sark kills Crom anyway. Flynn certainly didn't take it well. The Novelization just makes it worse. Crom was led to believe Flynn was a traitor who was set up to kill him as a loyalty test, and Flynn thought it was just a mostly-harmless training match. It's only when it's too late that either party figures out the truth.
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  • When Tron thinks Flynn and Ram were killed by Sark's Tanks and gives a Big "NO!"
  • Ram's last words to Flynn after he learns he's a User and derezzes.
    Ram: (weakly) Flynn.... help Tron...
  • Hearing Dumont and Yori's despair when they believe Tron is dead and when Yori lets Dumont know what Flynn is. Even more heartbreaking when you realize what happens in the TRON: Legacy timeline.
    Dumont: If the Users can no longer help us, then we've truly lost.
  • When the MCP is defeated, he derezzes, shedding his monolithic appearance and revealing his original form, showing that he was originally created not by Dillinger but rather by the kindly Doctor Gibbs.