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Hang on to your dreams, Chip. The future is built on dreams. Hang on...
Optimus Prime, "The Core"

If nothing else, you have to treasure a TV show that has the line "Grab onto your crankshaft, I'm shifting into overdrive."

"Make some idiot twenty feet tall, and he thinks he rules the Earth!"
Beorht, "A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court"

"We can't stand by and watch the destruction of this beautiful planet. "
Optimus Prime, "The Ultimate Doom"

Optimus Prime: "No. This is senseless! We are friends!"
Grimlock: "Good bye. Friend!" (Grimlock shoots him, point blank.)
Then, later that same episode...
Grimlock: "You Megatron trick us! Make us fight good leader, Optimus Prime! Prime risk own life to save us! Bad Megatron!"
Megatron: (frantic) "Decepticons, retreat! Now, quick, at once! "
— "War Of the Dinobots"

"We won."
Beachcomber, spoken as he sits in a smoking crater that had been a beautiful forest glade.
— "The Golden Lagoon"

Optimus Prime: "You destroy everything you touch, Megatron!"
Megatron: "That's because everything I touch is food for my hunger. My hunger for power!"
Optimus Prime: "No! I am going to end your hunger once and for all."
— "More Than Meets the Eye"

"Tell me what's on your mind human, or I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself!"
Blitzwing, "Triple Takeover"

Megatron: "Power flows to the one who knows how. Desire alone is not enough."
Starscream: "Time makes all things possible. I can wait."
— "More Than Meets the Eye"

Spike: (seeing Cybertron for the first time) "It sure is different!"
Bumblebee: "That's funny. To me, it's just... home!"
— "The Ultimate Doom"

"Fortunately, I know a delicate lock-picking technique."
Optimus Prime, just before blasting a door apart.

Spike: "Dad, can you ever forgive me?"
Sparkplug: "Son, there's nothing to forgive."
— "Autobot Spike"

"No one's ever really disabled, as long as they have courage!"
Chip Chase (famously parodied in Dr. Smoove's "Shockwave's Burden")

Megatron: "You're either lying... or you're stupid."
Starscream: "I'm stupid! I'm stupid!!!"
— "Triple Takeover"

"I am Vector Sigma! Before Cybertron was... I was!"
Vector Sigma, "The Key To Vector Sigma"

"What'd you do to Gears, you monster?! You turned him... nice!"
Ironhide, "Changing Gears"

"Aw, hexagonal nuts!"
Trailbreaker, "Fire On the Mountain"

Optimus Prime: "We knew you were anxious to get back to Cybertron, but at least you could've waited for us."
Mirage: (laughing) "Sorry, Prime. The ship was... full!"
— "More Than Meets the Eye"

"Because the Autobots stopped the Decepticons from stealing Earth's resources, the governments of the world have agreed to give Optimus Prime the energy he needs to revitalize Cybertron. It's probably the first time all the governments ever agreed on anything."
Spike, "More Than Meets The Eye"

"This is the end! The apocalypse!"
Sean Berger, "Megatron's Master Plan"

"It's cold enough to freeze the ailerons off a titanium moose-bot!"
Sideswipe, "Fire On the Mountain"

"Bruticus hates Cybertron! Bruticus hates you all!"
Bruticus, "The Revenge Of Bruticus"

Rumble: "Nice scenery."
Scavenger: "Yeah, let's waste it! I hate nice things."
— "Microbots"

"The Autobots are a very advanced form of robot. I don't know if they're from the past or the future, but they can think and have real feelings. I can't believe this is happening to me!"
Spike (writing in his journal after meeting the Autobots for the first time), "More Than Meets the Eye"

Optimus Prime: "I know that what the Constructicons did back on Cybertron changed you—took away your feelings—but perhaps someday you'll see that there are more important things in life than revenge."
Omega Supreme: "Possibility... growing."
— "The Secret Of Omega Supreme"

"He ran right back into the danger! My digital watch is smarter than that!"
Marissa Faireborn, "Five Faces Of Darkness"

"Why do I keep seeing you in my dreams, Optimus? Are you telling me I'm not the leader you were? I already know that, Optimus. I always have."
Rodimus Prime, "The Return Of Optimus Prime"

"I-I-I couldn't find Brawl's personality component! I didn't think it would matter!"
Swindle, "B.O.T."

Mirage: "You know, I'm surprised the Decepticons haven't tried to rescue him."
Hound: "I'm not. They don't care about anyone. Not even their own."
— "More Than Meets the Eye"

Grapple: "It was magnificent... for a little while... wasn't it, Hoist?"
Hoist: "Incredible. Absolutely incredible."
— "The Master Builder"

Rumble: "Hey... I don't remember seein' that — now what's that?"
Mirage: (invisible) "Good question!"
Rumble: "Who said that? There's no one here! I must have static in my rectifiers."
Mirage: "Now that's the smartest thing you've said all day!"
Rumble: "R... really? Hey, what's goin' on?!"
— "Roll For It!"

"Maybe that is all I am. A bunch of transistors and bolts. But I don't believe it. My heart may look like an energon pump, but that doesn't mean it can't feel."
Seaspray, "Sea Change"

"I circled half the globe looking for him. But he was gone."
Starscream, "Fire In the Sky."

"Why build a robot ninja, Doctor? Isn't that rather dangerous?"
surprisingly sensible reporter, "Enter The Nightbird"

"I'm too darn big to sneak around like this!"
Skyfire, trying to be sneaky despite being the largest Transformer on Earth at the time. Sure enough, he gets caught moments later.

Grimlock: "Me Grimlock no care whole planet fall apart! Make no difference to me Grimlock."
Wheeljack: "With you on it?"
Grimlock: "Huh... Hadn't thought of that."
— "The Ultimate Doom"

Optimus Prime: "He risked everything to save us and the Earth."
Ratchet: "The energy drain has been stopped."
Bumblebee: "The Earth'll heat up again."
Hound: "And the Decepticons are defeated."
Spike: "But Skyfire is... is gone."
Optimus Prime: "He won't be forgotten, Spike. He will live forever so long as freedom exists. We shall remember you, Skyfire."
Autobots: "We shall remember."
— "Fire In the Sky"

Windcharger: "Let's peel outta here, Brawn!"
Brawn: "And miss all the fun?"
Windcharger: "Remind me to discuss your definition of fun some time!"
— "Fire On the Mountain"

"There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory."
Optimus Prime, "More Than Meets The Eye"

"Even the wisest of men and machines can be in error."
Optimus Prime, "S.O.S. Dinobots"

"Monster? I am no monster! We Decepticons are but sentient machines who have found our place in this vast universe."
Megatron tries to persuade a Not Himself Spike to make a Face–Heel Turn, "Autobot Spike"

"I hate the Autobots! I hate Cyclonus! And I'm not very fond of you, either!"
Galvatron showing he's an equal opportunity villian when it comes to hating things, "Webworld"

As the Decepticons squabble instead of mowing down the defenseless Autobots...
Rodimus Prime: "We should have been molten by now. What's going on up there?"
Ultra Magnus: "Sloppiness. Disorganization. As I've tried to teach you, undisciplined thinking can make even the simplest task impossible!"
— "Five Faces of Darkness"

As Optimus smashes through an armored barrier...
Lord Chumleigh: "Impossible!"
Optimus Prime: "Neither impossible nor impassable!"
— "Prime Target"

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