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(Homer tosses trampoline off desert cliff. Satisfied, he turns away, dusting his hands)
Homer: That's the last we'll see of Mr. Trampoline!
(Pan down to cliff's base, where the trampoline bounces off a wayward rock and springs back)
(Pan up to Homer walking away, satisfied. He turns, surprised as the trampoline barrels down on him, repeatedly bouncing off his head til he's stuck in the bedrock.)
"If this were a cartoon, I'd be falling now."
"I'm hungry"
(The cliff face then proceeds to collapse with Homer still trapped underneath a trampoline)
The Simpsons, "Bart's Inner Child"

What's wrong with you? Flubbing the laws of physics for just a cheap gag — it violates everything I...
Vegeta to Arale, Dragon Ball Super Episode 69

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