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Quotes / Runaways

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Are you high? Our parents are supervillains!
Alex Wilder, Runaways #1

Karolina: But... but my parents can't really be part of this. They might be a little eccentric, but they're not evil. They don't even eat meat.
Gert: Well, neither did Hitler.
Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes, Runaways #3

I wish we'd never learned about any of this! I was much happier being kept in the dark! I-I hope our parents do kill us now! I-I... [realizing she had risen in the air] I can fly? Oh, my God! I CAN FLY!
Karolina Dean, Runaways #3

Nico: Get your hands off her, witch!
Alice Hayes: Isn't that the pot calling the cauldron black, Nico? You're the one who looks like she should be burned at the stake.
Nico: You... you people are evil.
Alice Hayes: Your generation is all the same. As soon as you encounter something you don't understand, you label it as "evil" and start throwing chairs through Starbucks windows.
Nico Minoru and Alice Hayes, Runaways #5

Molly: You have a dinosaur!
Gert: Yeah, but she's a friendly dinosaur... like Barney.
Molly: I hate Barney!
Molly Hayes and Gert Yorkes, Runaways #6

Cloak: I assure you, Dagger and I would not have come to your wretched city if we did not feel strongly about the case.
Dagger: Don't mind Cloak. East Coast/Left Coast rivalries die hard.
Cloak and Dagger, Runaways #11