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Fridge Brilliance

  • I thought it was odd that Brian K. Vaughan gave two characters in Runaways the same first name: Victor Stein and Victor Mancha. Then it occurred to her that that might be part of why Chase is initially more hostile than any of the others toward Victor Mancha. Subconsciously, he connects him to his abusive father.
  • After reading this, I just realized something else about Victor Stein and Victor Mancha. Victor Stein is a Mad Scientist.... named after Victor (Franken)stein? And, while a little bit more WMG, Victor Mancha is a robot/cyborg creation, is also named after Victor Frankenstein, though in this case in relation to Frankenstein's monster. Both are constructs made by a mad scientist, or in Victor's case mad evil robot
  • It always annoys This Troper that people keep calling Victor a cyborg when he is really more like a Terminator. But when I think about it more I realize that, yeah, he is a Terminator, in both design (a robot with human flesh grafted on to disguise its true nature) and function (meant to infiltrate a group of humans and kill them from the inside).
    • He only starts out as a robot with skin, over time the nanotech magic which gives him his powers is suppose to reshape his body to be indistinguishable from humans at any level.
  • When the Wilders discover that Alex has snuck out of the house, leaving a mannequin's head in his bed to make it look like he was asleep, Mrs. Wilder lampshades the Fridge Logic of Alex just happening to have a male mannequin head in his room. This makes perfect sense, however, when it's revealed that Alex spent the past year planning for exactly this situation.
  • While at first The Gibborim may appear to be a rather simple Bigger Bad, are actually the perfect antithesis to the Runaways themselves. The Gibborim are "Well done son" guys to God himself, God punished them and threw them out of heaven, but due to their undying devotion, they are willing to commit an act of evil as great as extreme human genocide in the hopes of restoring the world's perfection, something that, in a twisted sense, they believe would please God. Contrast that with the kids, who disobey their parents in order to do what they believe is right.
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  • When the kids discover that their parents are supervillains and are having a hard time believing it, Gert lists all the lies adults regularly tell their children: "of course you're pretty," "your face will get stuck like that," etc when she's interrupted by Alex telling them "it's going to be okay." At first, it seems he's just reciting another adult lie to comfort them. But at the revelation that he's The Mole for their parents, it's very subtle Foreshadowing!
  • Gertrude 'Gertie' Yorkes is a Dinosaur Tamer. Gertie the Dinosaur is the first tamed dinosaur.
  • The Deans are criminals bad enough to be exiled to another system willing to sell out their planet and their daughter for entirely selfish reasons who are master actors you could never suspect this from. It's entirely possible that they're sociopaths.
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  • In volume five, Molly is the only one at all happy to have Alex around again. Is this just her being nice, or does she know that he was the mysterious voice helping her near the end of BKV's run?

Fridge Horror

  • The story arc featuring the return of Cloak & Dagger has Dagger beat up by an obsessed fanboy with the culprit having Cloak's powers. The horror comes in first with the obsessed fanboy who, while in Cloak's appearance, comes to her and does something that causes the team to close their eyes in disgust. And this guy is a hospital orderly with exclusive access to her room.
  • It's been said that abused kids often grow up to become abusive themselves. With that in mind, Chase's treatment of Klara during the "Homeschooling" arc - he repeatedly yells at her, kills fairies in front of her, and threatens to break every bone in her body unless she stops crying - becomes incredibly disturbing.
  • When we see them at the beginning of the series, the Deans seems very kind, preppy and the standard Granola Girl and Soapbox Sadie types. But throughout their appearances, Leslie is not only quite possibly the most powerful and manipulative member of The Pride, but she and Frank both come off as condescending and coddling towards Karolina. Now consider the fact that Karolina outting herself to Nico appears to be the first time she's ever done it to anyone. Her parents are about as far left on the political spectrum as they can be, and she still fears their judgement so badly that she never came out to them. With all that in mind, what the hell kind of pressure has this poor girl been living under for the last 16 years?!
  • Wolverine destroyed time in Age of Ultron (the comic, not the film), by abusing of time travels. And in 2017, we are at it again. Well, if someone was going to destroy reality for good by further abusing of time travel machines after that, of course that it had to be Chase!

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