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Quotes / Purely Aesthetic Glasses

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"Impaired vision equals smart!"
Sarin the wizard, The Dragon Doctors

"There's nothing wrong with my eyes. I wear them for show."

"I refuse to believe those glasses are prescription."
Baby Manatee, Manatee Girl: The Movie

Connie: You don't know me at all! You still haven't even noticed my glasses!
Dr. Maheswaran: What's wrong with your glasses?'
Connie: They don't have lenses any more! (She sticks her hand through the frame of her glasses.) I haven't needed actual glasses for over a year!
Steven Universe, "Nightmare Hospital"

Kiryu: (taking a pair of glasses) What are these?
Oda: Vanity specs. They magically turn a face made for mugshots into that of a civilized human being.

"See these glasses? Not even prescription. But you thought they made me look smart, didn't you?"
Robin DeSanto, Dumbing of Age

Jimmy Carr: Jonathan, what? Those aren't your glasses.
Jonathan Ross: What you are looking at here, Carr, is a masterclass in quiz psychology. Cause when they look over here now, they see a movie star and a scientist.
Jimmy: Sorry, you're wearing those glasses to attempt to look like a nerd to impress David Mitchell?
David Mitchell: I can tell that there is no glass in those glasses, which immediately makes me think that you're a spy working for a poor country.


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