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"Manatee Girl! Abandoned as a child and raised by manatees! Now she fights as a defender of the waters her floating friends call home! With the help her adorable sidekick Baby Manatee, her Hunky Marine Biologist Boyfriend, and plain dumb luck, she fights to save the manatees from the brink of destruction!"
Opening narration

Manatee Girl: The Movie is a short film parody of Super Hero, Video Game, and Magical Girl tropes. Manatee Girl, a well-meaning super heroine, battles the evil InHumanatee and his henchwoman, Oil Spill (but not before taking an entire minute of a less-than five minute film to have a Transformation Sequence). She bleeds and is battered, but wins out in the end thanks to using her Side Kick as a torpedo. Cue a And Knowing Is Half the Battle segment with a moral that's acknowledged to have nothing to do with anything.

It's sparkly and involves a floating manatees in space at one point.

Can be watched here

Manatee Girl: The Movie contains examples of:

  • The Ditz: Oil Spill. Thinks she's dating her boss and checks her phone mid-fight. Manatee Girl also comes across as a little spacey.
  • E = MC Hammer: There is "science" on the board behind Hunky Marine Biologist Boyfriend.
  • Hand Puppet: Baby Manatee. At one point he falls off the off screen operator's hand and is placed back on it.
  • No Name Given: Hunky Marine Biologist Boyfriend is only known as Hunky Marine Biologist Boyfriend.
  • On A Sound Stage All Along: The movie ends with a director yelling "cut!", The Reveal that Baby Manatee Says is a green screen, and Manatee Girl stepping out of character to snark about the film's budget.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Oil Spill thinks she's dating the In Humanatee. The special effects inform us she's "delusional".
  • Transformation Sequence: Is roughly a minute long and includes Manatees In Space! in the background. It's also interrupted by the main villain checking his watch.