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Alan Wake is about a writer, writing about another writer, who is writing about himself and another fucking writer! It's like if M. C. Escher was a writer, and also a douchebag.

Homer: Wait a minute. You're telling Moe's story in Burns' story in your story?
Lisa: Yes, dad. It's like a play inside of a play, like Hamlet. [Homer is puzzled.] Fine, it's like you watching a home movie of you watching TV.
Homer: [understanding] Oh yeah.
"The Seemingly Never-Ending Story", The Simpsons

Storyteller: In point of fact I saw the same man again the next night.
Man: “Ah. I’m glad to catch you,” he said. “I looked at that letter again, you know, when I got home. There was a P.S. I’d never noticed before. It read:
Cyril: P.S. As I was on my way to post this, my landlady stopped me in the hall and said:
Landlady: Oh, sir, my husband says I got that story I told you last night wrong. According to him, old Wilf said:
Wilf: "I went for a walk... and I saw a goat."
Landlady: ...he said. Sorry about that, sir, he saw a goat.
Cyril: ...she said. Sorry about that, Uncle, he saw a goat.
Man: read. Sorry about that, old man, he saw a goat.
Storyteller: ...he said. So there you are.
'John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, postscript to a much longer version of the same thing.


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