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In a world of satellites, lasers, computers, briefcase weapons, precision targeting, and a choice of viruses with which to attack people or computers, nations as we now know them may well find themselves up against potent adversaries, some no more than a millionth their size.
—Alvin Toffler, Powershift

The next time you see a movie about a renegade cop going off on his own to take down the cartels single-handedly, Punisher style, keep that in mind. These organizations are formidable enough that entire countries have failed to take them down.

In some countries, a civil government still ostensibly holds power while E.D.E.N. is the body that actually runs everything, in one way or another. In many countries, flags bearing the E.D.E.N. logo fly above capitol buildings. The fact is, whether or not public officials admit it, E.D.E.N. effectively governs the world. In third world countries, it runs all the factories and keeps all the profits. In democracies, it decides who wins office. Europe, Russia, China, Japan — their economies are E.D.E.N. In the US, E.D.E.N.’s attorneys write the legislation, and its board of directors decides what passes. George O’Bannon and E.D.E.N.’s board of directors are, without a doubt, the most powerful and influential people ever to live.
—"The Night Of The Meteor - Post-Apocalypse," The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse


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