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Blessed by Beelzebub, this Infernalist wears an eternal halo of flies. Insects, drawn to his ineffable corruption, flock around him like pilgrims of damnation. Everywhere he goes, carrion-bugs of all description surround this foul creature. Naturally, most humans (even Infernalists) find the Lord repulsive, but some appreciate his dark favor and welcome him at sickening feasts.
—the Lord of the Flies merit, Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade - Infernalism

Avatars of the Swarm unfailing cling to a single unifying principle: their sole purpose, or so they claim, is perpetuation of the swarm from which they were born, and promulgation of the sweet songs that issue therefrom. To this end, the insect-beings employ mortal prisoners as grotesque birthing-flesh for their larvae, defy traditional concepts of death through the cultivation of gargantuan organ-pits, and gather in great subterranean hives. Ironically, these servitors are among the most tolerant of Baal's children, for they work to unify all oppositions into their vision.
Theirs are the parts made strong in a seamless whole. Theirs is the secret that has slept since the birth of the world. And theirs is the great rebirth that will herald the return of darkness, under a sky blacked by billions of beating wings.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Baali

"Flies, flies, eat up his eyes! The Burgermeister's lovely eyes! The eyes! The eyes! The flies! The eyes! The flies! Before the Burgermeister dies!"
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Realm of Chaos — The Lost and the Damned (1st ed)


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