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"Never forget the pleasure I gave you, or the pain" - Asami Ryuichi to Tabaka Akihito in volume 1

"A person's heart is so hard to understand... What changes just because you confess your feelings to someone.... if in the end, they won't become yours?" - Liu Feilong at the end of the Naked Truth story arc.

"Just descend with me together to the deepest layer of hell." - Asami Ryuichi to Takaba Akihito.


"If you're a man, there comes a time when you must fight. For Love." - From the cover of Naked Truth 7.

"My Takaba Akithito is back. This time I will tie him down so he will only love me." - Asami Ryuichi at the end of Naked Truth story arc.

"I am The Only One You Will Ever Have. You Should Cry Knowing You Belong Only To Me." - Asami Ryuichi to Takaba Akihito, cementing his status of Bastard Boyfriend and showing hints of Crazy Jealous Guy.

"Is that all?" - Liu Feilong to Asami Ryuichi in "Flower on the High Loft"

"I know everything about you and all your wicked deeds, I am constantly watching you" - Drunk Akihito to a just woken up Asami in the New Year's Special in volume 3.

"And here we are, three warped men, having a gamble. Isn't this fun?" - Mikhail Arbatov, to Asami Ryuichi and Liu Feilong in Volume 5. Hints that Arbatov is a bit of a Sad Clown.


"Tonight, I'm going to take Takaba and get off this ship... If that can't be done, then I'll blow a hole right through heads and turn this ship into a graveyard" - Asami Ryuichi to Mikhail Arbatov and Liu Feilong in Volume 5. Love Makes You Crazy in its purest form.


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