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Wesley Eure: Now, I remind you, contestants, we're looking for a hidden picture. It's important for this first clue, a hidden picture. [reads clue] "Finders Keepers TV Trivia: It's not a plane, and it's not Superman. What is it?"
[Blue Team buzzes in]
Wesley Eure: Blue Team!
[They circle an actual bird; buzzer sounds]
Wesley Eure: Ah! I warned you, we're looking for a hidden picture! Okay, the Red Team, I'm gonna read the clue again.
—From a 1988 episode of Finders Keepers where the Blue Team got the answer wrong.

Wesley Eure: Keep it tuned here, and we'll find you next time, right here on Finders Keepers!
—Closing from the Nickelodeon era.

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