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Lightning: That time was lost; yet time continued onward. Divine Etro. Go peacefully to your rest. I will stand guard over your legacy.

Ligthning: (prior the battle with Chaos Bahamut) Forgotten time, be reborn!

Lightning: My hopes go with you, Noel Kreiss. Become an arrow through time, and speed your way to Serah. Be there for her...because I no longer can.

Lightning: Time flows without pause. In a world where I no longer exist, the future is about to change.

Noel: Okay, take it easy, big guy. I am not here to make trouble for anyone.
Gadot: You better not. Anything happens to Serah and the boss'll string your carcass out to dry.
Noel: (Live Trigger) Gadot seems concerned for Serah's safety. How should Noel respond to Gadot's distrust? (Live Trigger response - This boss sounds like a bully!) Sounds like a tool. I can deal with him.
Gadot: Huh!? Who d'ya think you are!? (runs off) Hut, two, three, four! Hut, two, three, four!

Noel: (Live Trigger response - I'll be sure to pass that on to Snow!) You're holding things together here. I'll be sure to let Snow know.
Gadot: Huh!? How do you know about our boss!? (runs off)

Noel: I've got a question for you. Who's this Snow person? A boyfriend?
Serah: (Live Trigger) Noel's asking about Snow. How should I answer him? (Live Trigger response - He's like this really cool guy!) He's just this super cool guy, you know? He doesn't care about the way he looks, but that just makes him so much cooler.
Noel: Oh, huh. That's great, I guess. Maybe we should—
Serah: And he's not just kind, he's reliable too. He always means what he says, and you can totally trust his word. I-mean-he's-my-hero-oh-and-I-know-you're-thinking-no-one's perfect-I-know-he-has-his-flaws-and-sometimes-he-makes-me-so-mad-but-I-love-that-about-him-too-no-other-guy... can-compare-to-my-hero.
Noel: I get it, can we just get back to—
Serah: He-has-this-amazing-body-and-his-face-is-so-handsome-he's-tall-and-broad-and-makes-me-feel-so-safe! Oh, and even though he's big and tough, he can be so adorable. That's my Snow. You done asking?
Noel: I'm done, yeah. Thanks for all the detail.

Serah: I'm ready to go. It's not a dream, or a lie. I know my sister is alive out there.

Lightning: People always say the future will be better. They believe the hardships of the present fade with the passage of time. And so we hope, waiting for a future brighter than today. But Serah, remember this... As you walk towards a brighter tomorrow, you have to look back to your past.
Lightning, narrating when Serah and Noel first visit the Yaschas Massif

Lightning: (on the Oracle Drive, events from the ending of Final Fantasy XIII) Serah, I'm sorry.
Snow: 'Ey, 'ey, 'ey, the apologies can wait! We've got a wedding to plan, right?
Hope: Snow, you don't mess around, do you?
Snow: Come on.
Sazh: Kid doesn't miss a beat.
Snow: Whaddaya say? Lightning, I swear to you! I will make her happy!
Lightning: I believe you.
Serah: (narrating) My memories... They're real, aren't they?

Caius: If you change the future, you change the past.
Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: It keeps changing?
Caius: Change is the constant.

Each reunion is a twist of the knife. The joy is ephemeral; it leaves fear in its wake. A fear that all too soon the time will come when you must bid farewell again.
Lightning, narrating when Serah and Noel first visit the Sunleth Waterscape

Noel: Listen. Hotheads who can't back down don't last long on this planet.
Snow: Maybe. But sometimes, you've gotta make a stand.
Noel: You're not listening to me. Humans aren't strong. They die easy.

Noel: Can you check that out? Over there?
Mog: No. It's too far for me, kupo.
Snow: Okay. I'll throw you closer.
Mog: Kupokupo!?
Noel: Good idea. We can broaden our search radius.
Mog: Serah, please! Save Mog, kupo!
Serah: Good luck.

Serah: (narrating) Hope told us that he invented a machine called a time capsule. That's how they got here. Back in 13 AF, Hope devised a plan to build an artificial fal'Cie. It was called the Proto fal'Cie Project. He wanted to use the new technology to re-levitate Cocoon. But then, one day, Hope saw a certain prophecy in the Oracle Drive...
Hope: So I activated the Oracle Drive and watched the prophecy. I saw you fighting the Proto fal'Cie. And I saw you screaming out at me. (imitates Serah's voice) 'Your machines are driving me nuts!'

Noel: Monsters don't kill people; people kill people. Does that sound about right?
Mog: (chuckles darkly) Truer words were never spoken, kupo. People are much more scary than monsters, kupo! We risked our lives to solve the case, kupo, and how does the government pay us? Not with gil, but bits and bobs and household goods, kupo! No one needs ten years worth of toilet paper, kupo! No one! I had no choice but to decline their offer. The government is evil, kupo! Humans are evil, kupo! (Fragment Discovered! Kalavinka Fragment You obtain 4500 CP! ... Item Acquired! You obtain a Toilet Paper Coupon!)

Noel: Do you think this will make Yeul happy?
Caius: Which Yeul are you talking about? I've known and protected hundreds of Yeuls. Though they had the same soul, every one of them was unique! A Yeul who dreamed of travel! A Yeul who loved to sing! A Yeul who collected flowers. They all died. All of them before my eyes!

Caius: He who can change time, must choose between those who die, and those who live. You must bear the burden. Of the eternal paradox!

Noel: If you change the future, you change the past. The effects ripple outwards, up and down the timeline. The seeress is forced to see it all.

Historia Crux Narrator: (if Valhalla -Year Unknown- is selected) Time flows in circles. Until all possibilities have been tested, it will remain locked in this arc for all eternity. Here, a moment in history endlessly repeats itself. Perhaps the same tale has been acted out in the same place at the same time for eons beyond counting, but such knowledge will never be the province of mankind. Only the goddess atop her throne in the timeless realm of Valhalla can see the span of history in its entirety. But now her temple lies dormant, and the bells ring a funeral dirge. The battle to decide the fate of the world begins once again...

Mog: We're going to serve up a dish of poison flan to his royal highness. Fight flan with flan, as the say! It's a flawless plan, kupo!
Noel: (in the form of a microchu) Hey, what's taking so long? Where's that wonder honey? We also need some hoax herb and exquisite sugar, you know. And don't forget the rotten cheese!
Mog: Why do I have to do all the work, kupo? Noel, you're going to be the first to get a taste of my poison flan, kupo!

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