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Trivia / Final Fantasy XIII-2

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  • Bad Export for You: The PC version will only have the Japanese voice acting in Asia. While a minor issue, it does get on some fan's nerves. At the least the price for the game is cheaper in those regions.
  • Development Gag: Noel's design is implied to have been derived from Fang's (who was a male character during the earlier development stages of XIII). Noel also combines his weapons to form a spear akin to Fang's.
  • Downloadable Content
    • Costumes:
    • Serah's Costumes:
    • Noel's Costumes:
    • Mog's Costumes:
      • A Wonderous Wardrobe
    • Weapons: (Can be obtained from Chocolina's shop for 0 gill once purchased. Improved versions of these weapons become available throughout the game once you buy them.)
    • Serah's Weapons:
      • Seraphic Wing - Heals Serah as it deals damage to enemies.
      • Genji Bow - Increases ATB gauge recharge rate.
      • Azrael (exclusive to Xbox 360 version) - Increases chain bonuses.
    • Noel's Weapons:
    • '''Colosseum Battles''' (Bosses here can be recruited as Feral Link monsters when beaten):
      • Omega (Role: Commando, Feral Link: Wave Canon)
      • Lightning (Role: Ravager, Feral Link: Army of One) and Lt. Amodar (Role: Commando, Feral Link: Iron Bear Claw)
      • Jihl Nabaat (Role: Saboteur, Feral Link: Sadistic Surge)
      • Ultros (Role: Synergist, Feral Link: Octopus Ink) and Typhon (Role: Commando, Feral Link: Snort)
      • PuPu (Role: Medic, Feral Link: Items Please!)
      • Gilgamesh (Role: Commando, Feral Link: Divider)
      • Nabaat, Ultros & Gilgamesh, once bought, will have a chance to say "Final Fantasy XIII-2; the story so far," along with everyone else.
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    • Additional story content:
      • "Heads or Tails" (Sazh's story) — Explains Sazh's sudden disappearance and his attempt in finding Dajh through the power of fortune. Adds Sazh (Role: Synergest, Feral Link: Cold Blood) as a party member when cleared. Also unlocks two new Serendipity card minigames, Chrono Bind and Serendipity Poker.
      • "Snow: Perpetual Battlefield" (Snow's story)
      • "Requiem of the Goddess" (Lightning's story) — Story segment shown through Lightning's point of view as she struggles against Caius. Adds Valkyrie Lightning (Role: Commando, Feral Link: Legion of One) as a party member when the battle is cleared with five stars.
  • The Boss Battle theme (in which Lightning fights off against Chaos Bahamut while riding Odin in Gestalt Mode) is the same as the Main Battle theme ("Blinded by Light") from Final Fantasy XIII, except remixed slightly differently. Their introductions, however, start off exactly the same way.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Typhon was slated to be a War God in Final Fantasy Type-0 but left out, presumably to be used for this game.
    • Final Fantasy XIII-2 was originally supposed to tie-in with Type-0 being set 900 years into the future still with Valhalla being in the year 999 (the same year Type-0 is set in) but the idea was cut. The idea of humanity being reduced to a single village stuck in a Time Crash was retained for Lightning Returns.
    • There was a planned Hope DLC involving Alyssa trying to kill him off in Augusta Tower. It was scrapped, and instead worked into one of the XIII-2 Fragments novellas.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Final Fantasy Wiki.


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