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"Did yez ever know an Irishman who didn't love a fight?
Or who wouldn't stay to see it to the end?
Did yez ever know of one who wasn't merry when he's "tight,"
Or who wouldn't give his life to save a friend?
And who can beat the Irish when it comes to makin' love?
The other nations do the best they can;
And in other ways they trick us
But, sure, they'd never lick us,
If they'd stand up and fight us man to man!"
Eileen, "The Irish Have A Great Day Tonight"

"We're chosen of a fighting race
That never yet has known disgrace"
—Amhran na BhFiann, the Irish national anthem

"The Irish have long been stereotyped as drunks and brawlers. It's enough to make you want to get drunk and punch somebody."
Joey "Ice Cream", The Black Donnellys

"I have to ask the question, but are the Irish desperate for acting work? There must be a reason that they allow themselves to be shoehorned into such offensively stereotypical roles like they are in TNG’s Up the Long Ladder and this narrow minded glimpse of Irish life...All Irish pubs are drunken, infested piss holes (actually that one might be true…now they have banned smoking, most pubs do stink of stale beer and piss) populated by rowdy, cheating men and all landlords are devoutly religious hunks with smouldering looks."
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Spirit Folk"


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