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"Booger stole every scene in Revenge of the Nerds, but his greatest performance was at the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity party. Booger opens the door for the Omega Mu sorority girls and a parade of homely beasts march past him. His disappointment looks so real that half of them cried when the director called cut. He starts to close the door, but gets stopped by a giant hand. There's a group of stragglers — a group of enormous women whose acting reels are used as Bigfoot proof. As each one squeezes past, Curtis Armstrong gets more and more into it. The subtle, unspoken way he transitions from disinterest to eye-fucking should be taught in every theater class. It's nothing short of amazing. If there was a category for it, it would have won the Academy Award for Greatest Performance of an Actor in a Fat Joke."

"There’s an AMAZING bit in this scene where Catwoman starts hissing and growling and purring and shaking her hips while looking through the periscope, and the pirate in Penguin’s spot just does this slow astonished stare at her. I seriously went back and rewatched it like three times."
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman: The Movie

"On Friday night, The Late Late Show hosted a debate between the YES side (the people who want marriage equality in Ireland to happen) and the NO side (the people who are not here for same-sex marriage, because we need to THINK OF THE CHILDREN, etc…). During the debate, a woman from the No side started going on about how there needs to be a gender balance in parenting and every child needs a father and a mother and blah blah blah blah blah blah.

While watching the clip, my eyes and ears stopped paying attention to the No lady in the blue blazer, because all of my attention went to the lady with the gorgeous cleaver-shaped brows whose face took us on a short journey of emotions that inevitably ended at FacePalmville. In just a few seconds, she goes from
“errr” to “huh?” to “what the fuck?” to a full blown “WHAT?” and when her nerves are on the verge of completely splitting in two and she can’t take it anymore, her face meets palm. It’s a beautiful and graceful facepalm ballet."
Michael K., "Hot Slut of the Day! — The woman with the A+++ eyebrow situation"


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