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If you want to understand how up their own asses the other Conventions are, just ask them what they call the Paradox Effect. Iteration X and NWO call it "Statistical Inevitability" - how depressing. The Syndicate says "Market Corrections," as if the whole of reality was some economic joyride. At least the Progenitors have it a bit right with "Rejection," but none of them really get the point of Paradox.
And that fundamental misunderstanding is one more reason why the Union is in trouble.
Mage: The Ascension - Convention Book: Void Engineers (Revised)

Anaxares narrowed his eyes at the wicked foreign oligarch. It had been determined by the Will Of The People that enough draws counted as a victory, and therefore proof of the superiority of the Republic in all things. That this was factually incorrect by the standards of wider Calernia was irrelevant to the purposes of this conversation.

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