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Abraham Riesman: You didn’t read DC much, but you have given a shout-out to the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Dwayne McDuffie.
Ta-Nehisi Coates: That show was incredible. Totally underrated. I mean people talk about this era of great storytelling on TV, and Emily Nussbaum wrote this great piece about why Sex and the City never comes up in that conversation, and I think there’s a strong case for why don’t Justice League and Justice League Unlimited come up in that conversation either. It’s great TV. You could watch every episode of Batman: The Animated Series, every episode of Superman: The Animated Series, and it can hold the coherent universe together in a way that is much better than — I like The Avengers (2012), I’m going to go see it, but [the aforementioned shows are] much better than anything you’re going to see in film.
— Interview with Coates on Superhero Comics and Adaptations, April 20, 2015 issue of New York Magazine