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  • When does a version of Wonder Woman first make an appearance in the DCAU? In season 2, episode 1 of Superman: TAS, Lois Lane makes a comment about Wonder Woman, yet Diana doesn't arrive in man's world until the first episode of Justice League ("Secret Origin") years later. Are there multiple Wonder Women in this universe? Like her mother made an appearance at some point before retreating to Themyscira?
    • Personally, I doubt the Hippolyta theory is true. According to one theory, Wonder Woman became a bit of an urban-legend after the time-travel escapades of “The Savage Time”, and that’s what Lois was referencing. Expanding on that idea, maybe Chronos or Timezone or Timecode or even a rogue member of the Legion did some time-shenanigans offscreen that we just don’t see, and the myth of Wonder Woman builds up over several decades of random appearances.
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  • A question about Static Shock: In what episode(s) does Richie go Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?? According to Word of God, they used this trope to hint he's homosexual, but this troper has watched all episodes and doesn't recall him ever acting like that.