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Fia: It looks like we've reached the catacombs proper.
Cierra: Supposedly, the Six Priests set traps here to deal with intruders. They might still be working even though they're old, so we should be careful.
Ein: The Six Priests?
Cierra: Yes.
Ein: ...who are the Six Priests?
Cierra: You know. The Six Priests?
Ein: No, I don't.
Cierra: ...well, there you are. That's who I'm talking about. The Six Priests.
Ein: Yes, but that doesn't help me out much, does it? I mean, who are they? They haven't ever been mentioned before. Are they like the Seven Magi? Are they historical figures? You can't just reference something like that out of the blue and expect everyone to know what you're talking about. I need details here.
Cierra: ...they're the Six Priests. They're priests and there are six of them. I don't know what else to tell you.

"I know an eighteenth charm, and that charm is the greatest of all, and that charm I can tell no man, for a secret that no one knows but you is the most powerful secret there can ever be."

"Imagination is cheap if we don't have to bother with the details."
Daniel Dennett

The Master's fleeting reference to the Cruciform had 7.5 million viewers; that allows for 7.5 million different versions of the Cruciform to exist. And actually… isn’t that brilliant? Isn’t that the best thing an idea can do, go anywhere, be anything, for anyone?

Ax: They were discovered back toward the dawn of Andalite space travel. Not by us, by some other race. The Five.
Cassie: The five what?
Ax: No one knows. They just called themselves The Five. No doubt it meant something to them.
Marco: Maybe they lived between The Four and The Six.
—>— ''Animorphs, "The Extreme"

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