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"Part of me wonders if [Director Danny] Cannon might’ve been too much of a fan, too, considering how much he tries to cram into 90 minutes. There’s Mega City stuff, Cursed Earth stuff, mutants, robots, clones… It stops just short of adding in Judge Death, but I would not have been surprised if he showed up. He’s in the SNES game, after all."
Chris Sims on Judge Dredd (1995)

"It’s like that awkward moment at a convention where someone asks a rambling and fanwank-laden question of an actor and the actor puts on their best professional face so as to not accidentally re-enact the William Shatner Saturday Night Live sketch. Except stretched out. For four hours."
Dr. El Sandifer on Doctor Who: Zagreus

"Even facing death the Doctor manages to slip in a continuity reference (‘Not again!’). He knows what is expected of him in the JNT/Saward era."
Joe Ford on Doctor Who, "The Visitation"

Chris: SOLOMON GRUNDY! THE ZOMBIE PLANT MONSTER! There is no reason for these characters to exist on this show. The only reason they’re there is because they were on Super Friends 35 years ago, and there is no better example of how this show is just a exercise in trying to appeal to the idiotic dregs of fandom by showing them things they remember from when they were kids, without bothering to write an actual coherent story.
David: I was really disappointed by the lack of swamp lair, to be honest with you.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Prophecy")

"Why should the audience care who invents a magical piece of future tech or be impressed by the early reveal of a gimmick with which they are already familiar? If anything, this reinforces the franchise’s undertones of technological determinism — creating a sense that Star Trek isn’t so much the story of how mankind built a better future as much as how mankind discovered the replicator, which made a better future."

"In the grand scheme of the Zelda timeline, The Mimish Cap was basically an origin story for Link's hat, which was a fun idea. It was executed extremely well, and by the end of the game, it was nice to know that the hats worn by the various Links over the years are a sort of unknowing tribute to Ezlo... I'm not overly attached to The Mimish Cap, but I do think it was a nice little game, and the best thing about the story it presented about Link's hat is that it was humble. Skyward Sword isn't humble in the slightest."


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