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"Well I speak looooouuuud!, and I carry a biiiiigger stick! And I use it too!" *whack*

"Sure it matters who's got the bigger stick, but it matters a hell of a lot more who's swinging it"

Mr. Wilson: Have you ever heard of the term "extreme overkill"?
George: Yes.
Mr. Wilson: If you saw a fly circling a table you wanted to put food on, what would you kill the fly with?
George: Probably either a spray or a flyswatter, if I had one.
Mr. Wilson: That would be reasonable. What do you think "overkill" would be?
George: Probably a mallet.
Mr. Wilson: And what would "extreme overkill" be?
George: A sledge hammer, I guess.
Mr. Wilson: What Dr. Sign did ... goes way beyond "extreme overkill". What he did was the equivalent of using nuclear weapons to kill flies.
Paul Robinson's The Gatekeeper: The Gate Contracts

"No effect? I need bigger sword..."

Don't be so cocky. You won because of Gundam, not your skills.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Theodore Roosevelt.

Doraemon: Now way... How could 22nd century's latest stun-spear lose?!
Gigazombie: This is the latest model from the 23rd century!
Doraemon: Damn, I lost by a century... *faints*


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