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Stephen Colbert: Jon, um... did you set fire to Dick Gephardt?
Jon Stewart: That's right, Stephen. We lit former majority leader of the House Dick Gephardt on fire... and then we blew him up.
Stephen Colbert: *after a moment* Kudos.

"Down in the sewer, David Warner cooks up some anti-mutagen over (what else) pizzas, and then scoops it into a Bart Simpson glass in an inescapable black hole of 90sness.."

"Whoa, Jesus Christ! What do you load that thing with, antimatter? Reb Brown just obliterated a car — and by the way, 2 minutes in and already Reb has been more badass than Frank Stallone was in 2 hours — Reb Brown just annihilated a car, blew the motherfucker up like it was hit by artillery, but he did it with a handgun because he's Reb Fucking Brown."
The Spoony Experiment on Miami Vice ("Viking Bikers From Hell")


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