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"Winners don't use drugs."
— William S. Sessions, Director, FBI (as seen on the attract mode of all video games imported by American Amusement Machine Association members into the United States between 1989 and 2000.)

And just remember, pardner, winners don't use drugs!
— Marshal Gram from Hologram Time Traveler (a Dragon's Lair-style game from its creator Rick Dyer that features live actors) saying this to the players directly during its attract mode.

"Recycle it, don't trash it!"
— William K. Reilly, Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency (another screen that appears in arcade games released in the U.S. during their attract modes.)

Please deposit coin, and try this game!
— Appears in some of Konami's arcade games in the early-mid 1980s.

1 coin 1 play
— Mainly appears in Atari's arcade games.

Save the last human family

Do your best!
— Appears on the high score list on some (but not all) of Nintendo's "Vs." arcade games.

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