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Nightmare Fuel / The Wolf House

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One of the tamer images.

  • The film's visual style is immediately very nontraditional and unsettling. Rather than trying to give the illusion that anything we're seeing is real, the animation deliberately dips into unreality and is constantly moving and creating itself in front of the camera, with sets and characters being build before our eyes. This gives it the visual feel of constantly being in the Uncanny Valley, even in scenes where nothing is happening.
  • The Wolf. He's an Unreliable Narrator who, despite his reassurances, is clearly running a cult. He spends the entire movie trying to gaslight Maria into coming back, and in the end, succeeds.
  • Pedro and Ana catching fire and Maria being unable to help them. And then the wolf shows up, demanding she come back to him, after all, he's the only one who knows how to take care of them...
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  • The real-life colony the movie's cult is based off of, Colonia Dignidad, is nightmarish. Wikipedia link

Alternative Title(s): La Casa Lobo