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Nightmare Fuel / the white chamber

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The sudden shifts from the ship to the Dark World are really jarring and incredibly disturbing.
  • The power room with all the red writing.
  • The electric torture is... Just horrifying. You innocuously put in a video cassette to see what is on it, probably expecting another video log. Then the screen shows the protagonist being Strapped to an Operating Table. Then the protagonist suddenly finds herself in that same position, and you have to rescue her before she’s fried. The constant screaming, the increased feeling of helplessness, and the screen showing the protagonist slowly becoming a skeleton make for a terrifying experience.
  • The scene when your character faces the monster on the station rotation control, or the scene with the seemingly endless hallway and the eyeball in the extended hallway to the cradle.
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  • Thankfully, there's only four actual ways to die (the mandatory one doesn't count), and all of them can only be done if you choose to get said endings, or if you're impossibly stupid.
  • The worst ending. As with the standard failure ending, you find yourself back in the coffin. Then disembodied hands reach out of the darkness towards you. The ending being still images instead of animated does not help. It's quite frightening.
    • And right after that, they start tearing you apart.
  • Never, ever listen to the soundtrack unless you are actually playing the game. If you listen to it at any other time, whatever you are doing at that time will be ruined.
  • One of the Dark World sequences involves part of the ship leading back to the control room turning into a deranged maze straight out of Hell, complete with blood stained everythings, suspended torsos, and pulsating eyeballs.
  • One of the post-ending messages is: "Try entering the droid code before you have the note." When you do this, an image of a man with his eyes gouged out appears onscreen, with the words NOT YET written in blood in the empty eye sockets.
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  • The fact that Sarah, the cute girl you play as, is responsible for the horrible deaths of her fellow scientists, which include throwing one into an industrial fan, gouging one's eyes out, cutting them apart, etc.


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