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Nightmare Fuel / The Incredible Shrinking Man

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|If you thought the black widow from the book wasn’t frightening Tamara the tarantula.
  • Scott's battle with the spider. Even though the film was made on a shoestring budget, the scenes with the spider are very, very creepy. It is indeed very scary even over fifty years later. From when it first appeared crawling out of the crate to when after the basement floods, it tramples on top of the matchbox that Scott now lives in. Finally, the battle when the spider crawls over him is chilling, and when Scott stabs it, it's enough to give one nightmares. Then you see that red hour glass shape on the bottom of the spider, you realize what type of spider it was leading to a Fridge Horror.
  • The entire beginning of the situation, especially in the original story, is extremely creepy. Imagine losing a 7th of an inch every day. Nothing major at first, but as time goes on that adds up, and there is no way to stop it.
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  • Everything about the ending. Does he ever return back to his original size? According to author Matheson, yes, eventually.