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Nightmare Fuel / The Boogie Man

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Despite its comedic tone, this is one of Uri's darker games.

  • The first part of the game after the Boogie Man reveals himself to Keith. He beheads a sleeping/unconscious Brenden in front of him.
  • The moment where Keith stumbles across a dying Stevie. He keeps repeating "Turn on the lights" in a quiet whisper while he's bleeding out. It's also worth noting that the Boogie Man managed to gain some control over him and apparently threatened to kill his wife.
  • While roaming around the dark castle, Keith finds blood splattered all over the concrete floor, messages written in that blood, and servants brutally murdered.
    • Even worse when it's hinted that at least good portions of the gruesome scenery are Keith's delusions.
  • Bad End 3: Precious Box starts out looking like it's just Bittersweet: while Keith and Helena are among the survivors, they decide to go through with their divorce. Still, they end up Amicable Exes, spending a nice night together at their favorite bar. Then Keith murders Helena, giving a broken speech about how he couldn't protect anyone before heading into the bathroom and blowing his own brains out.
  • Bad End 4: Happy Dream has Helena have reoccurring dreams about Keith after he was stabbed and killed by the Boogie Man. Helena keeps waking up from those dreams and is reminded that Keith is no longer with her. Shirley tries to comfort her when David comes in, apologizing for breaking one of Helena's decorations. He and Shirley get into an argument when Helena tells them that she thinks they'll be great together in a broken voice. Then she falls out of the window and Shirley screams in horror at the loss of her friend.


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