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Nightmare Fuel / The Avengers (2012)

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  • Hawkeye needs the eye scan of a certain man to open a door that holds a meteorite shard. He gives a hand held scanner to Loki, who proceeds to crash the guy's party, hold him down over a decorative slab in front of the terrified crowd, and - possibly not understanding precisely how the thing works, probably just for kicks - ram the scanner right into the guy's eye. Add the other patrons screaming in horror and the sounds of the process (both the machine whirring and what seems to be the guy's face being squished) and it's enough to make anyone squirm.
  • Loki's Breaking Speech to Romanoff as she comes to talk, spews out nothing but pure venom and held-back rage in his words and voice. This is probably the most threatening we've ever heard from the God of Mischief out of Tom Hiddleston's delivery. The soundtrack playing during his rant does not make things better as he continues on with his rant. Even worse, he makes a rather gruesome-sounding threat to Black Widow about Barton which scares her for a bit.
  • The Chitauri may not be so straight-up terrifying once we see them, but when the NYC portal is opened and we see the other side, for a moment it's just a black space filled with glowing purple lights and hissing, chirping noises that sound like something straight out of Alien.