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Nightmare Fuel / Silver Bullet

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  • There's a sequence where a bunch of townspeople hunt for the werewolf in the forest. They come to a rather fog-filled area and the werewolf, who is lurking within the fog, starts picking them off one by one.
    • Same goes for many of the werewolf's attacks. The way its shown only in quick cuts is very effective.
    • Particularly its attack on Milt Sturmfuller.
    • Even without the werewolf, the hunting mob's lack of organization or competence is a bit alarming, as it's pretty clear that some of their own number and/or an innocent bystander is liable to get shot by such jumpy, trigger-happy bunglers. Indeed, the first one to get hurt (who stepped in a bear trap) would've been injured just as badly, even if the werewolf had left town like it did in the novel.
  • The dragging feet of Haller walking with a bloodied kite and so shaken that he's unable to remember his frantic prayers are more scaring than any blood, gory shot of a mauled child.

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