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Nightmare Fuel / Saltatio Mortis

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This catchy German medieval metal band can actually be quite terrifying when they feel like it.

  • Der Sandmann ("The Sandman") is not someone you want to meet: His brother is Death, his children eat eyes, he can cause nightmares and his black sand hollows out your eyes and kills you.
  • Tritt ein ("Enter"): The description of the dead previous wives hanging like cattle in a slaughterhouse is rather creepy.
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  • The music video to ''Wachstum über alles'' qualifies, or at least the ending.
  • The dead clones in the Ebenbild ("Spitting Image") music video are also vaguely creepy. Alea's horrified reaction upon seeing them does not help.
  • Der Ruf ("The Call") turns into this once a female voice starts shouting at you not to listen to the singer.
    "Du darst auf gar keinen Fall ins Licht gehen, hörst du?! Geh bitte nicht weiter, halt dich von ihm fern!"
    ("Whatever you do, don't go into the light, do you hear me? Please don't go any further, stay away from him!")
  • Fiat Lux too, sort of. Dying of radiation poisoning isn't really a particularly pleasant experience.
  • Varulfen: Being too late to save the girl and finding only a bloody arm?
  • Koma ("Coma") is, well, about lying in a coma. It's described as quite the And I Must Scream fate.
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  • The Bloodier and Gorier official lyric video for Nachts weinen die Soldaten, featuring such sights as soldiers crying what are implied to be Tears of Blood, blood running down an earthen mound supporting a soldier's head, and a mutilated silhouette of a horse trapped in the all-consuming mud of the no man's land. Even the tamer moments, like the field of plain white crosses in snow, or the stylised skulls with numbers, still just feel... unsettling.

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