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Nightmare Fuel / RollerCoaster Tycoon

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  • If you aren't interested in killing your guests, the first crash on any given ride can be this for you. Imagine, you're just minding your own business, perhaps figuring out where to set another restroom or adjusting the park entrance fee and suddenly BOOM! The window for one of your rides suddenly pops up on screen, showing an explosion has just happened. Jarring enough... and then you read the announcements on the bottom of the screen saying [X] people have died in an accident on [name of ride]. Yeah, your harmless little simulation game just got a bit less innocent there, didn't it? Even more jarring when the game blocks out any other sounds and just blares the sound of the explosion from your speakers instead.
    • Becomes Nightmare Retardant in the third game. The peeps say things like "Whee!" and "Oh, no!" In high-pitched voices, and even after being thrown off the ride from a great distance, they just get back up again unscathed. It's very Narmy.
  • Another example is the Water Slide. If the Dinghie is going too fast at certain points such as at the top of a hill, the raft would go flying off the track. The oddity comes in if you were to make a closed tube version of the exact same track that was previously causing the Dinghie to fly off the path. The ride would actually work as intended, but it makes you wonder what happens to the people on the raft inside the closed off Water Slide tubes; the most educated guess being that the raft riders would have their heads smashed against the tops of the tube... ouch.
    • Closer inspection involving the "See-through rides" view option reveals that the rafts actually keep on the track inside the closed sections even if they would fly off on an equivalent open section. Which, instead of making it scary, just makes it confusing.
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  • Seeing the angry, demented red face of a vandal running loose in your park. Thankfully RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 made them slightly more rare, provided you keep the park's pathways in good shape.
  • The Merry Go Round going into the Control Failure breakdown. Imagine being on a ride that spins faster and faster than it normally should and even shakes, which gave many first-time players the impression that it would explode, ala a crashing roller coaster. The music speeds up accordingly as well, giving it a real Creepy Circus Music feel.
  • The Clint Bushton V.I.P. guest in the third game has rather frightening angry faces.
  • Meta example: Mr. Bones' Wild Ride. The ride never ends!
  • Taking Video Game Cruelty Potential to its Logical Extreme, this video shows a player penning up 4,468 guests in an enclosed space, then drowning them simultaneously. What makes this video chilling are the details. The guests have fatigued faces from the overwhelming stress they're placed under, and their recent thoughts - alongside the obvious "I'm drowning!" - say things like "I haven't finished my drink yet" or "I want to go home." They all simultaneously release their balloons at once, which fly away as the guests face their demise. The incessant beeping that alerts the player of the guests' conditions pauses momentarily once the guests hit the water, then starts back up once the guests start dying off. It eventually tapers off into silence once there are few guests remaining alive. Barring Fridge Logic oddities, the scene is largely devoid of humor, and even some of the commenters find it unnerving.

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