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  • Ascended Fanon: RCT3 and onwards calls guests "peeps", which was an uncommon Fan Nickname for guests in the RCT2 community.
  • Development Hell:
    • World was originally announced in 2014, later slated for an early 2015 release date at first. However, consistently poor feedback from testers and underwhelming reception caused the project to restart numerous times and shuffle developers, with the final product not getting released until November 2016. And even then, it still ended up in an Obvious Beta state at best.
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    • A hybrid live action/CGI film based on the games (yes, really) was announced back in 2010. However, beyond a single announcement, the movie never did come to fruition and nothing was mentioned of it after that.
  • Dueling Games:
    • With Theme Park early on.
    • World is currently going against Planet Coaster (which is made by RCT3 developers Frontier Developments), Parkitect (a 3D RCT1/2 throwback made by a smaller development team named Texel Raptor that was funded via Kickstarter), and Theme Park Studio (no relation to the Theme Park series, but this game was also funded via Kickstarter, and has VR support along with a handful of unique features). Needless to say, despite having the most recognizable name, RCT World is losing big time.
  • Follow the Leader: Railroad Tycoon, the first game with "Tycoon" in the name, predates this game by nine years, and Chris Sawyer's very own Transport Tycoon also predates it by five years. Nonetheless, it was RollerCoaster Tycoon that codified and popularized the idea, and the vast majority of simulation games with "Tycoon" in their name were created by other companies in order to capitalize on this game's success. The magazine PC Gamer eventually created a "Tycoon" genre for classification in their game reviews because of this. With the exception of Zoo Tycoon, they were pretty much all Shovelware.
  • Missing Episode:
    • The Promo & Competition parks for the original seemed to have been lost to the public, until they were rediscovered and uploaded here.
    • For unknown reasons, the Loopy Landscapes scenario Urban Jungle is not available to play in RCT Classic.
  • Screwed by the Network: For some people, RCT3's poor performance was an example of this, with people blaming the developers for not spending more time to fix it. Given that Technology Marches On, however, the game has become much more Vindicated by History.
  • Schedule Slip: World was initially supposed to have a full release in December 2015, but after the first of two beta weekends, Nvizzio accounted for the feedback they received and decided that they needed more time to finish the game, changing it to Early Access in early 2016.
  • Sleeper Hit: The developers had no intentions of creating the next big thing, especially when you consider that this was a 2D game in the middle of the Video Game 3D Leap era, but it was a massive success.
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  • Troubled Production: World, a hundred times over, World. Between going through no fewer than four developers, a year's worth of delays and development restarts, a trailer and an early access that both garnered scathing reception, and being released the day before another game that had already won past fans of the franchise after it was far too late for this game to make any recoveries, plus also being close to yet another theme park sim's release, RCTW is pretty much in the running as a de facto example of how not to cash in on a brand AAA game name.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: There's a lot of fake cheats that circulate on "cheat codes" websites for RCT1, such as:
    • Fake "guest name" cheats:
      • Big Bucks, who never runs out of money.
      • Richard Branson, who gives a lot of money to every guest.
      • Tony Day, who eats a lot of hamburgers.
      • John Mace, who either pays double for ride entry or rides for free depending on your source.
      • Richard Tan, who pickpockets guests.
      • Renaming Guest 1 to "E=MC2" and Guest 2 to "E=MC3" would make a dialog window appear asking if you want to be part of their enhancement team. If you accept, this would supposedly give better rides and much faster R&D. The tricky part is to find those exact two guests: even in parks that start out empty, the guest numbering doesn't necessarily start at #1 due to guests wandering in and out during the park creation process (for example, the first Forest Frontiers guest is #3).
      • According to this official FAQ, there were many rumors that used to circulate that naming the guests after terrorists or other evil characters will cause them to wreak havoc in the park. We say "used to" since the FAQ says the publishers will take legal action against websites that perpetuate those rumors and they seem to have been successful in that matter.
    • Pressing Enter + "M" while the Finances window is open will give the player $5,000, but it can only be done once a month.
    • Removing a segment from a past-its-prime rollercoaster and rebuilding the exact same one is supposedly enough to trick the guests into thinking it's a new ride, making it popular again. Similarly, repainting it would also do the trick, but painting it orange or green would cause the guests to complain.
  • What Could Have Been: This page relating the development of RCT1 shows several rides and features that never made it into the game, such as rusty tracks and exploded tracks. The above-linked official FAQ also mentions that an early Beta version of the game had the ability to build rides underground (similar to the "press Shift to adjust the ride's height" feature introduced in RCT2), which was eventually scrapped due to it causing too many problems.
  • Working Title: For most of the development, the original game was called White Knuckle.

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