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Nightmare Fuel / Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

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  • Those dark-water-blob-things Fujimoto sends to get Ponyo back from Sosuke. They practically submerge him, and those EYES...
    • The sounds they make don't help matters at all.
  • Also, when the sea piled up...
  • Ponyo's sudden shifts from human to half goldfish form sometimes. Especially in the case where she tries to cheer up a baby by getting a little too up close and personal.
  • Ponyo's father, Fujimoto, can be this at times. Especially some of his facial expressions.
  • Lisa's driving can be a bit nerve wracking. Specifically when she's trying to out-drive the incoming waves and rain.
  • The fact that Fujimoto plans to eventually flood the earth with an explosion of sea life to put an end to the age of humanity. This is mentioned a grand total of once in the movie, and never mentioned again after Ponyo floods his elixirs. He's probably still down there, brewing...
    • However, given that his daughter now lives on land (and he seems to respect her choice) he probably won't go through with it. Doesn't make what he was going to do any less scary, though. Ponyo may have indirectly saved humanity...
      • And then there's the fact that she's mortal and he's not...better hope that Ponyo has kids, otherwise he can just wait til she dies...
  • The scene where Ponyo tells her father she wants to go back to Sousuke. When you think about it later, you realize that Fujimoto is basically forcibly sedating his daughter to the point of knocking her out. Her sisters look a bit freaked out themselves.
  • Fujimoto's minions. They're very unsettling with the distorted mumbling and the freaky eyes. And fact that they rush and submerge a five-year-old?
  • Ponyo's chicken leg transformation.
  • Anyone watching this who has experiences with little kids capturing wild animals will be consumed with anxious certainty that Sousuke is going to kill that fish. Seeing him yanking her stomach around, hammering a rock over her head, carrying her suffocated body away from water in his bare hands, then sticking her in the bushes is not a good way to build the audience's trust in a stupid little kid, Miyazaki!
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  • There's something unsettling about the scene where Sousuke finds his mom's abandoned car. While the rest of the film was very fantastic and whimsical, (just moments before you had a five-year-old and his best-fish-friend sailing an enlarged, candle-powered toy boat) but all of a sudden Sousuke seems genuinely frightened and vulnerable, just like a real kid. The suddenness and realism of this scene, with Sousuke tearfully crying for his mom, is oddly disturbing, tapping into the fear of a kid being alone and a parent knowing their kid is alone. It's made worse moments later when Ponyo starts to change back into a fish.
  • The very end. Oh, sure, it's supposed to be cute: Sosuke and Ponyo the fish kiss, and Ponyo turns into a human girl, presumably permanently. But she's over the edge of a cliff when the movie ends. Think about that.
    • It's unlikely that her wizard father or her sea-goddess mother would let her fall into the sea.
  • The fact that Ponyo basically messed up the ecology of the entire sea to the point that ancient fish that have long been extinct are now alive and kicking and just as dangerous as they were all those millions of years ago. This troper got anxiety just thinking about all the beasts of the deep Ponyo may have unintentionally unleashed back into the world. The damage that would do to the ecosystem would be colossal.

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