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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon 4Ever

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  • The Iron-Masked Marauder in general. He is probably the most evil villain in the Pokémon franchise, perhaps only rivalled by Ghetsis, Hunter J, or Grings Kodai. He wears a mask with red eye holes and shows sadistic glee in torturing both humans and Pokémon. Despite being a Team Rocket agent, he acts disturbingly more like a Cipher. Even Jessie, James and Meowth were horrified by his sadistic methods.
    • When he interrogates the old poacher in the opening to tell him Celebi's location. When the poacher refuses to talk, Marauder demonstrates the power of his Dark Balls in front of the old poacher, who is so terrified that he confesses and the Marauder cackles evilly.
    Old Poacher: What's that thing?
    Iron-Masked Marauder: A Dark Ball.
    Old Poacher: What's it do?
    Iron-Masked Marauder: Allow me to demonstrate. (He throws the Dark Ball at Tyranitar, capturing it in a cloud of black smoke, then the Dark Ball flies back to the Marauder's hand) The Pokémon I catch with a Dark Ball become evil Pokémon...and their power instantly increases to the highest level. Come on out, Tyranitar! (he tosses the Dark Ball, releasing a dark-skinned Tyranitar) Hyper Beam attack! (Tyranitar begins firing Hyper Beam at the poacher's camp, everything exploding in bursts of flames)
    Old Poacher: No, please! It's gonna destroy everything! (more explosions; the old poacher grabs the Marauder's legs, begging) Alright! Alright! I'll show you! I'll show you the spot where I found that Celebi!
    Iron-Masked Marauder: Ahaha! Ahahah! AHAHAHAHAHA! I thought you'd see it my way!
  • When the Marauder snatches Celebi with his robot's claw then electrocutes it. Brutal!
  • Celebi getting caught by the Dark Ball and instantly brainwashed into the Marauder's loyal minion. Its colors wither, its Innocent Blue Eyes turn into emotionless Black Eyes of Evil, and it goes from an adorable, friendly and playful little Pokémon to a mindlessly destructive force of nature that can do nothing else but follow its master's orders without question, unleashing tidal waves of destruction upon the forest.
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  • The Iron-Masked Marauder stepping on Ash's fingers to get him to let go of the Dark Ball containing Celebi, and Ash subsequently passing out from the pain. While there's no graphic detail, it's still a pretty horrific act of violence, especially to those who have had their fingers crushed before.
  • After Celebi is freed from the Dark Ball, it looks like everything will be alright...and then it dies, with its corpse looking like a realistic one, complete with withered, grey skin. Since it's half Grass-type, it also resembles a wilted plant.


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