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Nightmare Fuel / Pokkén Tournament

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  • Picture the scene: You are home alone in a dark room, playing Pokken. Suddenly, out of nowhere Nia says "I get the feeling we're being watched. Do you feel it too?" This is especially unnerving if you've finished the main story already and she has no reason to say anything like that.
  • The fact that Darkrai is playable in the latest Arcade versions and Pokken DX bears mention for the sole fact that it's that one Pokemon that plagues people with nightmares.
    • And if its inclusion in the game wasn't frightening enough, its Burst Attack is quite literally the stuff of true nightmares. Darkrai unleashes a wave of darkness that sends the opponent into a bizarre nightmare realm complete with garish red colors and checkerboard floors. Summoning six portraits, Darkrai sends out six shadow arms to attack the opponent, trapping them in an orb of darkness. For the frightening finale, Darkrai transforms into a giant, shadowy version of itself and crushes the orb and the opponent in its grasp. And you can see Darkrai and its Burst Attack anywhere with Pokken Tournament DX. Even in a dark room at night, alone, right before going to sleep. Good luck sleeping after seeing that.
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  • Gengar's Burst Attack is unsettling, with it pulling the opponent into a shadowy pocket dimension and then eating them.
  • It's heavily implied Chandelure's Burst Attack involves stealing his opponent's soul. And he laughs about it.


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