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    Obligatory roster guesses 
  • Every Fighting-type Pokemon: Maybe not in the arcade release, but the inevitable Wii U port will likely have most or all of them. There are about 30 fully-evolved Fighting Pokemon in all, which is a pretty good size for a character roster.
    • So far Lucario, Blaziken, and Machamp confirmed: Heracross, Pangoro, Sawk, Throh, and Scrafty appear in the background of fight arenas so they are probably not going in.
  • Tons of Hoenn and Kalos Pokémon: Might as well boost those XY/ORAS sales while they're at it.
    • Sceptile and Braixen have been confirmed.
  • Pikachu: It's the mascot. It's also possible to dress up Pikachu in a luchador outfit in the upcoming Hoenn remakes.
    • Confirmed. Pikachu Libre is a separate character, however.
  • Fighting-plate Arceus: As a Harder Than Hard Bonus Boss.
  • Most Pokémon within the Human-like Egg Group: Or at least having a humanoid-shaped body. Why limit themselves to just Fighting types? There are plenty of other Pokémon that can really work well in a fighting game. Lopunny, Sableye, Gardevoir...
    • Gardevoir is confirmed.
  • Ditto: Either as a Ditto Fighter (natch) similar to Mokujin, or, at least, appearing as an icon for the Random Fighter option.
    • And if you really wanna get evil, include Mew as an Unknown Expy (circa. Tekken Tag 1).
  • Digimon: Yes. You read right. The game is developed by Namco Bandai. What's their own monster franchise? Digimon.
  • Mewtwo: Why not? It wouldn't be the first time that he appeared in a fighting game. Even if he isn't part of a playable roster, he could show up as a boss character, perhaps as Mega Mewtwo X, who's part fighting type.
  • Greninja: Greninja's a pretty popular humanoid Pokémon, it's a starter, and it's already planned to be in another fighting game, alongside Lucario.
    • With the Amiibo rumors, quite likely.
  • A Pokemon from a non-Human-like Egg Group: Tekken 3 had Gon as a character. What's to say that Pokemon like Charizard (who, like Lucario, has appeared in Smash Bros.), Kangaskhan, Snorlax, Marowak, Staraptor, Tangrowth, and Gengar wouldn't work?
    • Confirmed with Suicune, Gengar, Braixen, Garchomp, Charizard, and Chandelure.
  • Charizard: To elaborate on the previous. As one of the most popular Pokémon of all, it's pretty much a shoo-in at this point. It could take quite a few cues from its Smash moveset (with more fire attacks!), and have both of its Mega Evolutions available.
    • As of July 3rd 2015, it's confirmed. Charizard even has a Mega Evolution (much like in Smash, it's Mega Charizard X).
  • Jigglypuff: Possibility for a (Lethal) Joke Character. And best of all, no one can use the "s/he wouldn't work in a fighting game" complaint because s/he's already appeared in one.
    • See talk of Amiibo rumors.
  • Wobbuffet: Either as a Joke Character that can only counterattack (totally a good idea for a fighting game character, am I right or what?), or as a training dummy in a possible Training Mode.
    • Appeared in the background, so probably Jossed.
      • Considering Chandelure elevated from being background to playable, might happen.
  • Pichu, Squirtle, & Ivysaur: Just to round out all the Smash Bros. characters. Or make Pichu as the Jin Kazama of this game.
  • Raichu: If Pikachu is Kazuya or Heihachi, then Raichu is Jinpachi. Pichu (mentioned above) is Jin, or Asuka perhaps.
  • Smeargle: Perfect joke character since he can use things like Drill Peck, Steel Wing, and Vine Whip in spite of his appearance.
    • Background character, likely Jossed.
      • Again, Chandelure.
  • Sudowoodo: Because he's practically Mokujin in Pokémon form!
  • Ursaring/Beartic/Pangoro: To go up against Kuma/Panda.
    • All three appear in the background, so Jossed in all likelihood.
      • Chandelure happened, so nope.
  • A bird-like Pokémon: Talonflame seems the most likely.
    • Dodrio would be awesome. Peckpeckpeckpeckpeckpeckpeck.
      • Penguin-themes Empoleon is confirmed! Not sure about others.
  • Aggron: It's a really popular Steel type.
  • Aegislash: Just for the sake of variety. While it's safe to assume that most of the playable Pokémon in this game will be based on animals or plants, this could be one exception.
    • Confirmed to be added in an update.
  • Doublade: Or, instead of a sword and a shield, how about two swords? The Pokedex says that Doublade uses telepathy to coordinate and pull off some impressive maneuvers, which could make for a really fun character to play as.
    • Appeared in the background, likely Jossed.
    • Doublade could still appear as an Assist Character, and will likely use Swords Dance to increase their Mon's attack ... because who better to use Swords Dance than a pair of swords dancing?
      • Background mons can become playable, because Chandelure.
  • Swalot: Because Swalot.
  • Snorlax : One of the most popular Pokémon ever. It'll be be a damage sponge, slow and powerful, possibly with Rest as a recovery move.
    • Background character in fight arenas, see Jossed.
      • And then Chandelure happened.
  • Ampharos: As a DLC character. A lot of the B-list fan favorites will probably be released after the game. People will go out of their way to get that lesser known Pokémon they love.
  • Combusken: Plays the same as Blaziken, but is weaker and faster.
    • Was in background, Jossed.
      • Chandelure happened, back into "can possibly happen" territory.
  • Breloom: Fights with its stretchy limbs.
  • Pinsir: Crushes foes with its pincers and goes from a land fighter to an aerial one once it Mega Evolves.
  • Meloetta: As a Musical Assassin with a Stance System (and in a twist, will start in Pirouette form).
  • Lilligant/Bellossom: As a more cheerful but still powerful Pokémon.
  • Hoopa: Although instead of the obvious Bound Form being the normal mode and Unbound being the Super Mode, Hoopa will have a Stance System and can switch between the two forms, with Bound Hoopa being a Fragile Speedster and Unbound Hoopa being a Mighty Glacier.
  • Swampert: We've already got Blaziken and Sceptile, they won't leave out the last of the generation-three starters and his hulked-out Mega Form.
  • Buzzwole/Pheromosa: Game-Breaker-esque fighters. Buzzwole relies on strength while Pheromosa is Lightning Bruiser. They can outperform any other fighters in Super Mode.
  • Kartana: Compact, agile and very dangerous.
  • An 8th Gen Pokémon: It will appear as an Early-Bird Cameo to hype up the upcoming main game on the Switch.

The inevitable Wii U version will have an Adventure Mode
This mode could be inspired by both the Pokémon series and the Soul series. It would function somewhat like Soulcalibur II's Weapon Master mode, but be Pokémon-themed, with the standard Pokémon formula being adapted to fit a Weapon Master-like mode:
  • Trainer fights, wild encounters, Gym Leader fights and villainous team fights could be made into missions in which you need to perform certain requirements, like beating a super-fast enemy, defeating the enemy while both fighters are poisoned, etc.
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  • Each time you win, you'd obtain money and experience. Just like in Pokémon, money could be used to buy items to help you (as well as more expensive but permanent stuff like bonuses, extra game modes, gallery-related things, new characters and stages...), and experience would make your Pokémon stronger, and maybe even evolve, as an alternative method of unlocking them, rather than simply beating Arcade mode over and over.
  • All main regions and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon locations thus far could be present in just as many sets of missions to complete.

Alternatively, it will be based off the Mystery Dungeon games and have some elements borrowed from them. However, there are some alterations:

  • Trainer fights, wild encounters, Gym Leader fights and villainous team fights are replaced by Explorer Team Fights and NPC Duels. Some popular fan favorites like Kecleon Brothers and Team Charm will appear in Explorer Team Fights.
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  • There will be a new guild "Pokkén Force", an expy of Tekken Force which protects the Mystery Dungeons and you must fight them over to uncover the dungeons.
  • Some Supporting Pokémon will show up as bosses in this PMD mode's NPC Duels, such as Espeon and Umbreon based on those from Gates to Infinity.
  • Confirmed, but nothing like the way you described it.

Pokkén Tournament is (gameplay-wise) an early version of Tekken X Street Fighter.
Pokkén seems to share some gameplay from both Tekken and Street Fighter, and Tekken X Street Fighter could possibly end up somewhat like Pokkén.

The game will have many references to Tekken
I just had to say it. It's already been confirmed that there will be no guest fighters from Tekken, but there may be other kinds of references, like returning musical tracks (hell, the Final Boss theme from Tekken 5 was already used as placeholder music for the first Pokkén trailer), cameos, original stages inspired from what you'd see in Tekken, and other miscellaneous references.
  • Confirmed: The Pikachu in this game is a mish-mash of Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, both in terms of some of its attacks and in terms of its poses.
    • Several other Pokemon have win and loss poses similar to Tekken characters as well as many having attacks in their movesets that are nearly identical or entirely identical to characters from Tekken.

This game will have amiibo support.
It seems that quite a few upcoming Nintendo games will have amiibo support, especially ones developed by Namco Bandai Games. Perhaps Pokkén Tournament will be no different. It would be obvious that Pokemon figures will be compatible if this were the case.
  • Considering amiibo support is also coming to the 3DS XL/LL (and is already in the N3DS), it's possible that all of the fighters will get amiibo (not just Lucario and Pikachu who have amiibo for Sm4sh) with some unlockable effects in the next main Pokémon game.
  • To take it a step further, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo introduced a Pokémon amiibo series just for this game (similar to Smash Bros. and Mario Party 10). From what I've gathered about Japanese arcades, they have a system of passports that players use to save their game data for different games on. While there isn't anything like that overseas, amiibo might be used in this manner.
  • At least partially confirmed: early copies of the game will have a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card, and scanning it will unlock Shadow Mewtwo as a playable character right away. The jury's still out on whether other amiibos will be compatible or not, though.
    • Fully Confirmed: All Non-Shadow Mewtwo card amiibo give random in game cosmetics and titles you can only get with them and gold, up to 5 a day. Oddly the Pokemon amiibo don't give anything different from the normal amiibo. When Shadow Mewtwo is unlocked in game, its functions become the same as all other amiibo.

They will also do a NX version with extra features kinda like Tekken Tag 2 Wii U Edition.
  • Kinda be a missed opportunity if they did not make a version for the new console with enhanced graphics and extra content.
    • Confirmed as Pokken Tournament DX, which includes Darkrai, Scizor, Croagunk, Empoloeon and the newly revealed Decidueye.

This game is an experiment to see how Pokémon Stadium for the current gen will turn out.
After Pokémon Battle Revolution flopped and with the main games being already in 3D, Nintendo is currently trying out whether the graphics using in this game is worthwhile using.

Just like Assists were released themed for Halloween, similar Assists will be released themed for Christmas.
Mismagius and Ninetails were released in honor of Halloween 2015, so for Christmas they will release two more assist characters. My personal guesses will be for Delibird and Stantler (a gift-giving Ice-Type and a reindeer).

This game will potentially start another new spin-off series

This game foreshadows another entry in the console role-playing games.
Not only does Dark/Shadow Mewtwo bear a resemblance to Dark/Shadow Lugia, but the name of the region Pokkén Tournament takes place in is Ferrum. Ferrum is Latin for "Iron", a reference to Tekken and the region the first two games took place in, Orre! Iron ore, anyone?

The Ferrum region is a past version of PokéPark.
It's stated in both games that PokéPark was once inhabited by creates other than Pokémon, i.e. humans. The Haunted House stage is said to be adored by Ghost-types, who have made it their home. It and the Haunted Zone from the first PokéPark game are one and the same.

Sceptile is actually the same one as (if evolved) Grovyle in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers.
He had tried to stop the Bad Future, but he sacrificed himself into Another Dimension. Losing his consciousness and lost his soul, he got returned back to his life, now as a Sceptile. He could have planned to give himself a chance by entering Pokkén Tournament.

Pikachu is the Professional Killer, and Ferrum region is in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world.
Let's face it. Pikachu is the only PMD starter that joins Pokkén unevolved (most are either fully-evolved or legendaries), and chances are:

The Gardevoir in Pokkén Tournament is the same Gardevoir of Team Charm.
Perhaps she's a Lady of War Professional Killer tasked to destroy Pokkén Tournament, akin to Nina Williams' in Death by Degrees.
  • Also worth metioned are Charizard, Gengar and Weavile from Team ACT, Team Meanies and Team AWD, respectively.

There will be an eventual sequel titled Pokkén Tag Tournament.
It seems like the logical progression of Pokkén's battle system, what with the inclusion of support characters. If it's anything like the Tekken Tag titles, the team-specific intro and victory poses (like Hawlucha and Pikachu Libre, perhaps?) would be pretty cool to see in action.

"Partner Pokemon" are an exception to normal pokemon battle ruleset
That is, a Ferrum's trainer's Partner is not a part of their party of 6 - that's the three sets of two supports they bring with them. However, this exemption cuts both ways, Ferrum Battle pokemon cannot be used in ordinary trainer battles. This means a Ferrum trainer might have 7 pokemon with them, one of which travels outside a pokeball (since the battle intros always show the Partner Pokemon already in the field), and the seventh pokemon might know more than four moves.

This might explain why there's no significant evil team presence in Ferrum. If anyone broke the law, they'd be in serious trouble when a Ferrum trainer used a 'mon whose didn't have a pokeball to steal to break the law right back.

There's a testing/certification process for every individual pokemon before they can participate in Ferrum Battles
Even if they're just for fun, and using some form of Power Limiter system, Pokemon in Ferrum battles dish out a lot of hits that come across as rather more brutal than normal battles. They also take these hits like a champ, standing back up after being knocked to 0HP without any medical attention. The implication is these Pokemon are expected to be at their physical peak so nobody gets hurt. Enter Ferrum's literal gym - those pokemon training in the background are Ferrum Battle hopefuls getting into shape before facing their certification.

Mega Evolution was first discovered in Ferrum
  • It seems that in the Ferrum Battle, a Pokémon manages to Mega Evolve through the usage of a Synergy Stone, hence the term Synergy Burst. Considering that for the Ferrum Battle, a trainer requires a Synergy Stone to actually participate, it would mean the Synergy Stones would be more commonly used than Mega Stones in other regions. Because of this, it seems fair to assume that Mega Evolution was first realised through the usage of Synergy Stones. In XY, it was said the first recognized Mega Evolution was from a Lucario, so this Lucario may have been in a Ferrum Battle when it happened. Eventually, the purpose of the Mega Stones was realised when a scientist analysed them, and found similar properties to that of the Synergy Stones, hence allowing Mega Evolution to be used within regular Pokémon Battles.

Team Cipher harnessed the dark synergy stone's power to power the process they used to create their shadow Pokemon.
  • Obviously not by the stone being embedded, like Shadow Mewtwo, but they used its power somehow. Shadow Lugia is really similar with the corrupted look and all. That stuff could have happened after the stone was recovered from Mewtwo in this game.

The Dark Synergy Stone was a byproduct of Darkrai.
  • The reality morphing and the orange highlights that appear after specific attacks give him a similar look to Shadow Mewtwo.


Buying this game will be a requirement for obtaining at least one Mega Stone in the main series.
Probably Machampite.
  • Jossed, at least in the case of Machampite; whereas Lucario and Gardevoir go Mega for their Burst Attacks, implying all Pokemon with a Mega Evolution do so, Machamp uses Focus Energy.

Pokkén Tournament will be announced by Xander Mobus in the Wii U version.
Because, well, Wynaut?
  • Greninja?
      • (menacingly) E-VELL-TUHLL!
      • Porygon!...Z!
      • Hitmon Chaaaaaan...
  • I wonder if the Wii U version will make good use of the Wii U GamePad's MICROPHOOONE!!!
    • Hey You Machamp!
  • Will he sing the Pokémon theme song during the title screen?
  • Jossed. But this was funny!

The game will NOT come out on Wii U...
It'll be an NX launch title.
  • Jossed. It's coming out Spring 2016.
    • Though an eventual NX port is not entirely impossible.
      • The NX (now known as the Switch) port is confirmed with Pokken Tournament DX

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