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Burst Attacks

ALL OF THEM! These special moves are a sight to behold, with Visual Effects of Awesome and generally badass stuff abound. Have a look at them here. But to go into more detail...
  • Aura Blast: Lucario, after Mega Evolving, hits its opponent with an aura tornado Shoryuken, then fires a barrage of Aura Spheres, and then fires a gigantic Aura Storm, covering half of the arena with a massive Wave Motion Gun of aura.
  • Gatling Flame Kicks: Blaziken, after Mega Evolving, goes Fist of the North Star on its opponent and WATATATATATAs them with a barrage of kicks, launching them into the air before flying off while Wreathed in Flames, then flying back and hitting them with a powerful kick that deals 257 hits! After the kick lands, he lands on the ground just before the opponent is engulfed in a fiery explosion behind him.
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  • Dynamic Fury: If you want a Pokémon really channeling Kenshiro, try Machamp's Burst Attack. After launching the opponent into the air, it hails the opponent with a flurry of punches from its primary arms, and then it knocks it back further and unleashes an even bigger barrage with all four arms! Totals in at 1000 hits.
  • Volt Shock Fist: Pikachu Volt Tackles the enemy and knocks them into the air with an Iron Tail before zipping around in a gorgeous streak of lightning, then delivering an electrifying Megaton Punch. Note that somehow someway during this, Pikachu's fist has quadrupled in size just to punch the opponent.
  • Fairy Tempest: Gardevoir, after Mega Evolving, fires a colorful Unrealistic Black Hole that sends it and its foe into space before charging up some Instant Runes in the shape of a giant cannon and firing a Beam Spam of fairy magic.
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  • Final Flicker: Chandelure hits the opponent with a spiral of flames, knocking them to the ground. The stage then goes completely black as the opponent is levitated into the air and Chandelure rushes the opponent and slashes at them with its flames, and we see a single soul-flame being snuffed out. Then the stage goes back to normal and Chandelure laughs at the camera like it just played a cute joke.
  • Outrage Smasher: Garchomp goes absolutely nuts on his opponent after Mega Evolving, slashing them every which way before burrowing underground like a shark-drill and emerging again to drill his opponent up into the sky and finish off with one more gloriously brutal strike. What makes it even better is that the first part of the Burst Attack is from the victim's point-of-view so you get a front row seat for all of the violence.
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  • Thunderclap Press: Pikachu Libre Volt Tackles her opponent, but unlike Pikachu's, she and her foe are transported to a miniature pro wrestling arena. With her opponent stunned by lightning, Libre yells her name as the crowd cheers her on, then delivers an electrical Flying Press that would make every real-life professional wrestler jealous.
  • Forest Flash: Sceptile, after Mega Evolving, dashes at its foe with Leaf Blade, cutting right through them. Sceptile then skids to a halt, turns around, and punches the ground to summon a massive amount of vines that encase its foe in a ball of foliage. Then the mass of vines stab right through its foe before the ball explodes.
  • Shadow Drop: Gengar, after Mega Evolving, hits its opponent with a giant ball of dark energy, which encases its foe to send them through an illusion. Said illusion involves them falling through a void of darkness and into the now massive Mega Gengar's mouth. Gengar eats them, starts Laughing Mad, then explodes as they're sent back to the real world. It's pure Nightmare Fuel, but damn if it isn't cool!
  • Psyfirecracker: Braixen puts on a show with its Burst Attack, doing a flourish with its wand before ensnaring its opponent in a sphere of Psychic Ribbons, lifting the opponent in the air and striking some cute poses while it sends Psychic Energy out in a beautiful array around itself then throwing its wand up in the air, catching it and pointing it torward its opponent in one motion and sending all the energy to explode in a rainbow as it collides with the poor soul. It really feels like the sort of attack a Magical Girl would use to finish off a bad guy.
  • True Sheer Cold: Suicune knocks its opponent away with a blast of cold and then takes a second to stand majestically with the snow and ice floating through the air around it in a way that's simply picturesque before it finishes the job by freezing the opponent in a pillar of ice. Not only that, but the roar that Suicune emits is enough to give you chills.
  • Sonic Slash: Weavile knocks its opponent into the air with a tornado of ice and shadow, then leaps after them and creates massive claws made from shadow before slashing through its opponent, encasing them in a shard of ice that promptly explodes.
  • Searing Blast: After Mega Evolving, Charizard flies into the air and smacks the opponent with its tail, then charges up and fires a massive stream of blue fire so hot that it not only damages the opponent, but scorches the ground as well.
  • Psydisaster: After Mega Evolving, Mewtwo ensnares the opponent in an orb of psychic energy. Focusing its psychic power into its fist, Mewtwo leaps into the air and delivers a devastating psychokinetic Megaton Punch to the opponent.
  • Dark Nova: A dark and corrupted version of the strongest Pokémon in existence deserves an equally dark and sinister Burst Attack. After Mega Evolving, Shadow Mewtwo unleashes a wave of darkness to damage the opponent. Taking advantage of the distraction, Shadow Mewtwo teleports into outer space and conjures a gigantic Shadow Ball before chucking it at the opponent; the resulting explosion is roughly the size of a continent and can be seen from space. All of it done in a way that would make Frieza proud. And it tops out at 9999 hits.
  • Infinite Eclipse: Given its status as the Pokémon world's Master of Nightmares, it's only fitting that Darkrai gets an equally sinister and nightmarish Burst Attack. Darkrai unleashes a wave of darkness that sends the opponent into a bizarre nightmare realm. Summoning six portraits, Darkrai sends out six shadow arms to attack the opponent, trapping them in an orb of darkness. For the frightening finale, Darkrai transforms into a giant, shadowy version of itself and crushes the orb and the opponent in its grasp. Creepy Awesome at its finest.
  • Iron Meteor Dive: Scizor goes full Gundam on its opponent in this Burst Attack. After Mega Evolving, Scizor launches its opponent into the air, performs several zigzagging midair strikes that carries the opponent higher into the air, does a two-fisted hammer strike that sends the opponent crashing to the ground hard enough to crater it, and for the grand finale, Scizor energizes its wings and performs a diving punch so powerful that it causes a large, screen-filling explosion.
  • Alter Ego Army: Croagunk leaps into the air and drill-dives at the opponent, knocking them to the ground, and then duplicates itself a hundred times over. The opponent has only enough time to get to their feet before several dozen Croagunk doubles land on it like a pile of Growlithe. Croagunk hunches over for a moment with its back turned, then turns around, spits a wad of poison that makes the pile explode, and salutes the shockwave. The whole thing does double-duty for Awesome and Funny.
  • Deep Blue Monarch: Empoleon opens a Whirlpool around itself, causing the opponent to spin around as the water level on the battlefield rises. With its opponent sinking, Empoleon swims up at it from beneath at speeds that would make a Flash Cannon jealous and runs through the opponent with one, two, three, four, five strikes before making the water churn and batter the opponent where they swim.
  • Shining Feather: Decidueye creates a tornado of leaves that traps the opponent, then sends ten rainbow arrows to circle around the opponent in a spherical manner. Decidueye then draws another arrow that turns gold before firing it at them, causing it to explode. As that happens, Decidueye turns and teleports away a la Dragon Ball Z's Instant Transmission.
  • Underworld Ruler: Aegislash's Burst Attack is as awesome as it is regal. Aegislash summons several shadow swords that spin around it. If the swords connect, Aegislash encases its opponent in stone and summons a hand of dark energy to grab Aegislash as it transforms itself into a giant crystalline sword which then slashes the stone, and the opponent, clean in half.
  • Destructive Cannon: Blastoise demonstrates that There's No Kill Like Overkill with its Burst Attack. After Mega Evolving, Blastoise charges towards its opponent and, if it connects, blasts them into some nearby rocks with rapid shots from its Arm Cannons. Blastoise then attacks the opponent with a powerful Hydrokinetic punch, sending them flying through the rocks and into the air. For the grand finale, Blastoise roots itself to the ground with its ice before unleashing a HUGE Wave Motion Gun from the main cannon on its back, obliterating the opponent.

Other Instances

  • The game's existence for one thing: Pokémon has largely been about fighting, but this is the first game where the formula is more akin to Street Fighter or Tekken than Pokémon's general Role-Playing Game-style of battling. This is the first Pokémon game which actually allows Pokémon to actively fight, not unlike the format used in the Super Smash Bros.. games.
  • The reveal of Pokkén Tournament's worldwide Wii U release for March 18, 2016. For many people, this announcement has single-handily reassured them that the Wii U is going to have a future after 2015.
  • The fact the game has put several of the more obscure Pokémon in the spotlight: Pokémon like Machamp and Weavile that don't get a lot of attention from the Pokémon games or Pokémon anime, generally. This concept is even more so with Machamp, who was one of the first Pokémon revealed for Pokkén Tournament, even before the Pokémon series' mascot Pikachu.
    • For that matter, the inclusion of non-bipedal Pokémon such as Suicune and especially Chandelure, whose appearances prove that arms aren't a necessity to be a viable inclusion in a fighting game.
  • The appearance of Shadow Mewtwo. Bonus points for emphasis on its less popular Fighting-type Mega Evolution, Mega Mewtwo X.
  • The game was announced to be featured at EVO 2016, before it even came out for the Wii U! Actually, just the very fact that a multi-billion dollar franchise would suddenly slum with the Fighting Game Community, one of the smallest (but steadily growing) communities, is quite awesome in itself.
  • The final battle against Shadow Mewtwo, in its entirety, especially if you happen to be playing well against it (which can be tough to do). It starts off with you dealing with an HP-bloated, permanent Burst Mode Mega Mewtwo X. Win that round? Shadow Mewtwo gets mad, actually Bursts, and proceeds to mop the floor with you. You then receive a special Cheer from Anne, who has been trying to assist you throughout the fight, which results in you gaining your own permanent Burst Mode, including a more heroic, final battle remix of the Synergy Burst theme. While your own skills will determine whether or not the tables have indeed turned, the entire match still ends up being pretty damn awesome when it comes down to it.
    • Heck, any of the fights with Shadow Mewtwo can be awesome if you are able to stay on your toes and beat him.
  • The Magikarp Festival stage. There's just something inexplicably awesome (and funny) about holding a battle on a fishing boat while countless Magikarp surf across the stage.
  • The game makes it not only possible but reasonable for Cresselia to heal and buff Darkrai in a fight.
  • A meta example for Pikachu Libre. She's apparently become so well loved in the Pokken community, she's being added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (Admittedly as a different skin for Pikachu, but full on costume changes are rare in that franchise.)
  • Charizard's victory pose while in Synergy Burst mode. It fires a laser from it's mouth from it's right to left, then back to the right before repeating, then it returns to the midpoint to finish the pose.

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