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Nightmare Fuel / Manhunter

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  • The opening scene in which the killer goes to his victim's bedroom - seen through his video camera - just as the mother awakens, Freddy Lounds' fate, Lecktor's subtle lines ("Dream much?") and his phone call are all well and frightening, but Tom Noonan as the Tooth Fairy is pure Nightmare Fuel, especially when he captures Freddy Lounds.
  • Just the way Brian Cox delivers some of his lines, like, "Operator, I have lost the use of my arms and can't dial a phone..." His casual asking Graham if he can have his home phone is chilling in its obviousness, even thought it's Who Would Be Stupid Enough?.
  • The Jump Scare of Freddy Lounds' snapping pics after Graham's having a minor nervous breakdown after visiting Lektor is genuinely unnerving, thanks to the tension that's been ramped up.
  • Graham recounting the details of the Leeds family's murder. Even though we never see the killings actually taking place, we can vividly picture them as Graham describes them, and when combined with the creepy music, it makes for a truly chilling scene.
  • Meta example: Tom Noonan didn't want to interact with any of the other actors unless they were filming, to make their reactions to his character's disturbing behavior more realistic. He even went as far as to sequester himself in his trailer between scenes, take different flights to filming locations than the rest of the crew, and staying in different hotels. The results speak for themselves.
    • Noonan has joked about this though and implied that some of the "steps" he took to this effect were not meant to be taken seriously- for instance, he was asked about the lighting in some of the scenes and replied "Francis doesn't like the light" as a bit of a gag, only to find out later that they really did turn the lights down and he ended up having to do all of his scenes in darkened rooms, because he was too embarrassed to correct them.note 


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