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Nightmare Fuel / Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

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  • Asuka sees her parents being quartered after refusing an offer from the Disas. Now, she suffers from PTSD not only because of her parents' death, but also from the grueling battles she endured over the years.
  • The torture scenes, ooh boy.
    • Abby tortures Nozomi by putting a hot iron in her skin, cutting off her left forearm, and having her associates use Water Torture.
    • After doing a successful operation alongside Asuka, Kurumi tortures a captured illegal magical girl by injecting her with a serum that will make her obey Kurumi's wishes.
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    • In the manga, Kurumi is able to talk Chisato out of her Despair Event Horizon without laying a hand on her. In episode 12 of the anime however, she decides to torture her regardless of her not needing information, which ends with Kurumi ramming a thin metal spike through Chisato's breast. It's mercifully panned away from, but still incredibly unsettling given who is doing it, and how unnecessary it was.
    • if you thought Chisato's torture scene was graphic enough, take a look at Chapter 39. Tentacle Hentai be damned.
  • After Asuka and Kurumi save Nozomi from Abigail's clutches and leave her nearly injured, the latter yells "Fuck you!" twice in a terrifying manner and goes out to kill them both.
  • Kurumi's real personality. Especially when she reacts that she and Asuka share the same room
  • the Babel Brigade puts their victims in a Magical Box filled with their victims' bodies.
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  • The setting in a nutshell. Just because it had magical girls in it doesn't mean it's a happy place, right? WRONG!. There are magical girls who work for the military, become mercenaries, and work for a mysterious organization whose purpose is to create illegal magical girls and use them for their own needs. There are magical items used by the mercenaries which not only makes them on par with the magical girls, but also losing their humanity to get their job done.

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