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Nightmare Fuel / JFK

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  • The Paranoia Fuel-based terror in the film is when Garrison is reading the Warren Report and listening to Lee Bower's testimony, especially with the Scare Chord shot of Bower's dead body.
  • The infamous Zapruder film, the home movie filmed by Abraham Zapruder that managed to capture the moment when Kennedy was fatally shot, is shown in this movie. Anyone not familiar with the footage, or who hasn't seen it, might well find the actual head shot very disturbing. You literally (and repeatedly, in slow motion), see part of his head being blown off.
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  • X's summation of how big the conspiracy is. Even with all the holes in real life that have been pointed out, in the context of the movie it's terrifying the kind of power such a small group could hold over the actions of a nation.
  • The Deleted Scene of "Oswald Beyond the Grave" imagines what he would have said if he could have been called to the witness stand. Almost-entirely Deliberately Monochrome and has Gary Oldman (whose idea it was to shoot this) Breaking the Fourth Wall in close-up.