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Nightmare Fuel / Digger

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  • Stop!
    Stop, Fool!
    Listen to me, Eaten, I will give you anything you desire! Do you wish revenge on those who cast you out? It is yours. Comfort? Luxury? I will give you a place chief among my servants! You will feast in the dark like never before!
  • The acolytes in Ganesh's temple. And the fact that Murai was apparently once one of them.
    • Although not all of them have their eyes sewn shut.
  • "The Good Man is dead. Who killed the Good Man?"
    • The settings backstory about The Good Man and the Black Mother are based on a fringe christian cult that exists among the homeless children of Florida in the real world. The basic idea is that the Virgin Mary herself murdered Jesus and allied herself with Satan.
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  • The entire sequence with the cave and the heart.


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