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Nightmare Fuel / Ashes to Ashes (2008)

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  • From series 1, that clown. That bloody clown.
"I'm happy, hope you're happy too..."
  • Series 3 has brought us the Body Horror that is PC Where's-the-rest-of-his-face. Crows cawing will never sound the same again.
    • PC Where's-the-rest-of-his-face? He's a 19 year-old Gene Hunt, who was killed not long after he became a policeman. In an attempt to stop a robbery on Coronation Day 1953, he was shot in the head with a shotgun and buried in a shallow grave, where he remained until his body was discovered by police in the present day.
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    • What about Viv's death scene? Jim Keats just holds him and watches him die in pain and terror. Terrifying enough before you find out the latter's true identity and purpose! Keats is either Satan or one of his minions come for the souls of the failed coppers.

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