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Heartwarming / Ashes to Ashes (2008)

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  • The Series 1 finale: Gene holding young Alex and carrying her to safety on the day her parents are killed.
    Alex: (whispering) It was you....
    • And afterwards at the police station, when he destroys the tape of her father's suicide confession.
      • "Good-bye, little lady."
  • Series 2 opener, Chris' strip-tease to Shaz is a crowning moment of adorable AND funny. The tripping over his undies in the end is just the cherry on the cake.
  • In the Series 2 finale, Shaz saying to Chris she still wants to marry him despite his having been The Mole, because he "cares when he gets it wrong". Aww.
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  • At the end of 3.02, Ray's toast to Shaz, saying he's been very proud to be a colleague of hers. A truly heartwarming case of Character Development, and shows he's come a long way since Life On Mars.
  • The final exchange between Chris and Gene in episode 3.07, in the aftermath of the biggest fight they've ever had:
    Chris: You're the best DCI I've ever met, and I've been proud to work under you. But I'm not going to be your doormat any more, Guv. Those days have gone.
    [Gene walks up to Chris. Alex, Shaz and Ray watch nervously.]
    Gene: Are they, now?
    Chris: Buy me a drink, and we'll say no more about it. [holds out his hand]
    Gene: Luigi, get Mr. Skelton a drink.
    [Gene and Chris shake hands, and after a moment, share a heartfelt hug.]
    • Not to mention Alex and Gene sharing a slow dance in her apartment immediately thereafter.
      Gene: Gene Hunt doesn't dance.
      Alex: He doesn't hug Chris Skelton, either.


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