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Heartwarming / Ashes to Ashes (2008)

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  • The Series 1 finale: Gene Hunt holding young Alex and carrying her to safety on the day her parents are killed.
    Alex: (whispering) It was you....
    • And afterwards at the police station, when Gene destroys the tape of Alex's father's suicide confession, on the grounds that, having witnessed the death of her parents, young Alex has enough problems without needing to know that her mother had been having an affair and that her father killed himself and her (and intended to kill young Alex as well) for it.
      • "Little lady — if you're ever in trouble, just call the Gene Genie."
  • Series 2 opener, Chris' strip-tease to Shaz is a crowning moment of adorable AND funny. The tripping over his undies in the end is just the cherry on the cake.
  • In the Series 2 finale, Shaz saying to Chris she still wants to marry him despite his having been The Mole, because he "cares when he gets it wrong". Aww.
  • At the end of 3.02, Ray's toast to Shaz, saying he's been very proud to be a colleague of hers. A truly heartwarming case of Character Development, and shows he's come a long way since Life On Mars.
  • The final exchange between Chris and Gene in episode 3.07, in the aftermath of the biggest fight they've ever had:
    Chris: You're the best DCI I've ever met, and I've been proud to work under you. But I'm not going to be your doormat any more, Guv. Those days have gone.
    [Gene walks up to Chris. Alex, Shaz and Ray watch nervously.]
    Gene: Are they, now?
    Chris: Buy me a drink, and we'll say no more about it. [holds out his hand]
    Gene: Luigi, get Mr. Skelton a drink.
    [Gene and Chris shake hands, and after a moment, share a heartfelt hug.]
    • Not to mention Alex and Gene sharing a slow dance in her apartment immediately thereafter.
      Gene: Gene Hunt doesn't dance.
      Alex: He doesn't hug Chris Skelton, either.