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Nightmare Fuel / Annabelle Comes Home

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  • The Ferry Man. It is more than The Grim Reaper for the dead. It looks like a dried out corpse.
    • In its first appearance, Mary Ellen keeps on hearing coins clattering around her. All she has is a flashlight when the lights go out. She looks up and in the darkness sees two coin-like eyes staring at her a few feet away. She shines the light up and nothing is there, with one coin dropping to the ground. The flashlight goes out as she picks up one coin and holds it in front of her. Suddenly, the Ferry Man appears right in front of her, the coin being reinserted to its eye socket! As in, she was inadvertently holding its eye! As she runs away, it tries grabbing her and pulling her back towards it, attempting to take her soul. Only shining the flashlight on it causes it to dissipate.
    • Later on, in certain scenes there are 2 shining coins that follow her around. They are always behind her and always watching. Thankfully, the Ferry Man itself does not appear to her directly after that.
  • The demon Malthus, the main antagonist of the Annabelle series, makes its full appearance. Before, the demon only appeared in shadow or as a Jump Scare. In the climax, he appears fully in front of Judy. He(?) is as tall and menacing as anyone would expect, but that's not all. Its simple movements are otherworldly, moving like a stop motion creature jerking in and out of existence. Unlike Valak, who likes to play in the shadows, this Demon has no problem showing its true form and taking the direct approach.
  • Annabelle leaning against the glass of her case until it falls open and she gets out. Of her own accord.
  • Daniella getting stabbed and possessed by the Bride and attacking both Mary Ellen and Judy with a knife.
  • An already frightened Judy and Mary Ellen phoning Lorraine and hearing her ask to speak to Annabelle.